Faves2015: Make-up. Eyes and brows


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Final part of the series.

I think you waited long enough:)

eyes brows blog favorites

Artedo Eyeshadow base –  my favorite eyeshadow base. I’m trying right now Urban Decay primer in samples and I didn’t decide yet which one I’m going to repurchase after. I’m on my second pot of Artdeco base and I like everything about it. For some people such type of packaging may be a minus..one of the reasons can be  loong nails:). Eyeshadows stick better to this base, look brighter and last longer. Artdeco base is not transparent. It has a small small shimmer in it which doesn’t influence finished look. May be matte eyeshadows will look slightly different but I don’t think you will even notice that difference.

Bourjois Smoky Stories quad eyeshadows in 02 Over Rose – a wonderful palette! I really don’t see minuses in it. Quality is very good. My palette has shades with rose tones. Three shades are satin or even satin-matte. In the middle you get a gorgeous glitter! I apply it with a slightly damp applicator in the middle of my eyelid over finished look..and Oh.. It sparkles so beautifully! P.S. I posted a picture of this palette on my Insagram.

Max Factor Clump Defy mascara – all-time-favorite. I don’t have anything to add. I can get natural or dramatic effect with it. It doesn’t have any fallout during the day. I never end up with black dots under my eyes unless it’s the end of mascara and it’s already dry. Than any mascara can give this. I used to love maybelline mascaras until I’ve tried this one. It’s totally different mascara level:D And of course, it’s more expensive than Maybelline. BUT! It lasts longer as well.

Artdeco single eyeshadow in 93 – I wanted to get different shade but I couldn’t find it so I decided to take this one from Artdeco  to see how it is. And I love it! It’s a light pink with a bit of golden sheen. It has satin finish, no big shimmer particles. It’s better workes on eyeshadow base as it’s not very bright or extra pigmented. I pair it with theBalm Mary-lou and very dark violet from  Too Faced palette Boudoir eyes.

Collistar Tinted Brow gel in 02 – eyebrow product of the year:).

I did a review in this post –>Collistar Twist

Golden Rose Dream eyebrow pencil 306 –  a perfect shade for my eyebrows. I think it will suit  lots of people with dark blonde/light brown/medium blonde hair. It’s not yellow, not orange, not grey. It’s just perfect balance for those who seek neutral eyebrow pencil.

Eveline Sos Lash Booster with Argan Oil as mascara base –  I didn’t notice any influence on my lashes but this product is a good mascara base if you like extra steps:D It makes eyelashes thicker, adds volume in comparison to eyelashes just with mascara. Do you remember double mascaras some time ago? (actually Loreal brought on the market new double mascara). Extra plus to this product is its price. In Romania it costs 19 lei.

Essence long-lasting pencil in Lucky lead – black-dark grey eye pencil. It has a bit of smokiness in it if to compare with simple black pencil. It looks almost like black but a bit softer that’s why I like it. I definitely wrote about this one before as well. I wish I could get more ..but there is no Essence in Denmark.

 Do you share with me any favorite? What is your favorite eye product right now?

Have a nice day! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Faves2015: Make-up. Eyes and brows

  1. I think you have some shopping to do when you come to visit Romania next time 😀
    I also like those eyeliners from essence. I had a brown one and I loved how nicely it goes on the lip. So creamy.

  2. Ohh, I have that essence long lasting eyeliner in the shade ‘hot scorch’. It’s a really pretty bronze-y colour with a bit of glitter. I didn’t expect it would be SO long-lasting! It doesn’t smudge, either :O
    Been using it a lot lately 🙂

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