Faves2015: Make-up. Face


 This is a second makeup post with faves of previous year. I guess I’m the latest from all bloggers with this type of posts:) But I think it’s always interesting to read about products person loved for long time.

It’s a FaceFaves Day!

blog makeup faves.jpg

blog face products favorites

Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream in Light – I guess I mentioned this foundation 5 times of my instagram for sure:) Creamy, medium coverage, nice texture, spf protection, semi-matte/a bit dewy finish, doesn’t look like a mask. It’s my favorite for 2 years already.

I mentioned it before in this post —>Lumene CC and it’s used in most of my makeup looks on the blog.

TheBalm Hot Mama blush – very gooooorgeous blush. It’s peachy shade with golden sheen on cheeks. It doesn’t look powdery  and there is no big shimmer particles. I wasn’t into blushes with shimmer until I tried this one.  Perfect purchase for young ladies during spring and summer.

TheBalm Frat Boy blush – great blush, which is my favorite for long time. Makes me look fresher and nicer. No minuses.

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter – eyeshadow – my favorite champagne eyeshadow! I use it on my eyes almost every day in combination with different colours. I like it as a highlighter as well but don’t wear it every day. I found out that different brush gives different effect when I apply it on my cheekbones. It can look more shimmery or more like a polished skin.

FratBoy and Mary review here—> TheBalmMania

Essence Soo glow! cream to powder highlighter – verrry good cream highlighter. I bet if it was packaged like Dior everyone would rave about it :D. One minus I found recently..in time upper layer gets a bit thicker and you need to dig a bit in it:D

I have a full review here —> Ooooh so glow

Face products favorites

Avene Couvrance  Translucent Mosaic powder – wonderful powder! If you are searching for a translucent amazing powder I think this one is definitely worth trying. I reviewed it in my favorites post —> Avene Mosaic Powder

Max Factor Creme Puff blush in Nude Mauve – the end of the year discovery. And my most worn blush during January-February.  I didn’t try other blushes from this line but I can recommend particularly this shade for all neautral makeup lovers or hint-of-blush-lovers. It’s not mauve at all on your cheeks. It gives more of a beige shade (right beige), which looks extra natural, goes with any look. This blush doesn’t have shimmer but a bit of sheen, which is not very obvious on face. It doesn’t look powdery either.

Did you try anything from my favorites? Would you like to try? What are your favorite face products?

Have a nice day!:)



5 thoughts on “Faves2015: Make-up. Face

    • Oh, I’m already waiting for your reviews:D I think you would like max factor blush in this shade as it’s very natural but at the same time you can buy somethign more interesting from thebalm for example as they are in same price range.

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