Faves2015: Make-up. Lips


Finally, a make-up post! Good it’s not May already:D

I called this post Faves2015 but obviously it doesn’t mean than I don’t use these products in 2016 and already searching for new faves.

You could see some of my makeup favorites on my blog during this year (or even more?). I believe this fact only shows the way I like these products, some were mentioned on my instagram as all-the time-favorites and few are totally new.

I decided to separate my faves into several posts as my hair post was too long and hard to read probably.

lipstick blog favorites

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01 Rose – my go-to “I have super minimum makeup” lip product. Looks pretty, gives sexy glossy lips (not oil-dripping glossy lips), smells nice, takes care of lips, big tube(12ml!!!), nice applicator, very sheer, gives just a hint of milky-pink shade (on direct sunlight you can notice super tiny shimmer).

Collistar Twist Ultra-shiny gloss with hyaluronic acid and pro-collagen in 205 Magenta – my summer love. It makes my lips look like candy. I’m sorry I don’t include swatches in this post, may be I will add such photo in few days. It’s a gloss in stick but it’s very pigmented. I just simply LOOOOOve it. It takes care of lips, has amazing summer shade, comfortable and not sticky. What else do you want? Most important it doesn’t melt from my lips in +35 C. I mentioned it in my faves and there is a different photo Collistar Twist.

Clarins Joli Rouge 750 lilac pink – nude-pink-lilac lipstick. I used to love Tempting Lilac from Loreal but it’s impossible to get it so I was walking aroung renewed line of Clarins and saw this wonderful shade which is almost the same as tempting lilac. Shade is wonderful. It’s not too cool or warm. Lipstick is creamy, moisturizing, slighlty glossy. I’m totally satisfied with its quality. When you apply this lipstick at first it doesn’t seem to do any wonders but a bit later lips look smoother and lipstick lays even better. If you love pinky-mauvie-lilac nude shades you should love this one! I think I used almost half of it already:) Note: it’s not long-lasting but it doesn’t disappear from lips by itself.

Collistar Twist Ultra-shiny gloss with hyaluronic acid and pro-collagen in 203 Legno di Rosa  – another gloss from Collistar. Shade name can be translated as Rosewood. It’s very natural shade.I don’t know how to describe it properly. It’s neutral beige with mauvie tones. In store it looked warm&brownish and such shades don’t suit me. I decided to trust swatches on internet and took it. It’s totally not the way you see it under light in store. Clarins is a type of nude I prefer, mauvie-pinky and Rosewood from Collistar is actual nude shade for me. It looks beautiful, accentuate your lips in a very subtle way. It’s something you would call MyLipsButBetter.

Maybelline Hydra Extreme in shades Windsor Rose 173 and That’s Mauvie 210 – very budget-friendly lipsticks with excellent quality (at least in shades I own). It has simple packaging and that’s probably why some people don’t pay attention to them. It’s simple but not cheap looking or feeling. I have a post with swatched and review here – Maybelline Hydra Extreme.

Sensai Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Color IL115 Iwatsutsuji – my first lipstick from luxurious japanese brand Sensai. It’s a beautiful berry-mauvie shade (I write everywhere how beautiful shade is but why would I include something bad in my faves?:)). At first it’s a nice bright but calm berry shade but if I wear it for really long it gets more mauvie for some reason:). It’s really long-lasting but has a  nice texture. It’s totally worth 25,50 euros I paid for it in duty-free.

Did you try any of my favesLipstick? What are your favorite lip products?




4 thoughts on “Faves2015: Make-up. Lips

    • 😀
      I like also (not my faaavorite) the one in whitish tube (shade 201) which is transparent with lots of shimmer. It makes your lips took icey, frozen..i don’t know how to explain. Shimmer is small and it doesn’t look like separate chunks on lips..looks like multidimentional whitish-icey lips:D I have as well baby pink but it’s quite cool toned shade, doesn’t suit me too much actually:/ I’d check 201 if you want this unusual shimmer effect or 203 which is quite popular and the one I mentioned. I don’t know how do you feel about anything called Magenta:D There is also shade called nudo..but it’s too beige. I would suggest to look at legno di rosa instead. There is cherry shade and coral as well. They cost 69 lei in Sephora. And they smell like vanilla ice-cream or something like that) p.s. I’m being blog-productive:D

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