First make-up with Naked3 and Hair doubts


Today I decided to write a few posts. I’m very active on instagram but I don’t think everyone who follows me here follows me there.

On Valentine’s Day I received Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and I couldn’t wait to try it. The next day I was going to a meeting of career counseling (or something like that) so I decided it’s a good opportunity to try an eyeshadow base and a palette.  I should say going anywhere would be a perfect opprotunity for this anyway:D As I’m a “beginner” with this palette I thought I could do something light. I didn’t know how dark dark eyeshadows will look:)


AAAAnd I ended up with very natural anywhere anytime appropriate makeup. I like to wear a bit brighter eye makeup but I was glad that it didn’t look boring. I don’t wear neutral-matte-beige-brown shades for some time and I don’t want I got a neutral makeup with a twist (bit of rose hue):). I couldn’t take good photos to see my makeup properly but you can see how nice my natural hair color grew :D. It looks like I have highlights and it was done on purpose. What do you think? Does it look like that? Or I’m just trying to convince myself?:D

blog hair urban decay naked 3

Also I have a hair question. I don’t know whether I should grow my hair longer or not. I don’t ask for advice but more of what would you do. May be someone has my face shape and my hair type even. You can see my hair type on photo which is fine. If I had very dense hair I wouldn’t have any problem deciding:) I have face shape long oval. And when I have longer hair and no volume around my cheeks and jaw it’s evident than my face is long. Especially if to take photo straight.When I had shorter hair (you can see photos here on blog) or I make volume everywhere or make hairdo it’s not that seen. If I had very dense hair I would naturally have more volume. So I came to a point where I don’t know should I cut it or grow bit longer.

What would you do? and if you have same face and hair what do you do? Do you have long hair?

And tell me whether you own Urban Decay products? If yes which and whether you like it/them:)

Have a nice day!


9 thoughts on “First make-up with Naked3 and Hair doubts

  1. You know I have long hair and I like it a lot more than short hair. So obviously I’d tell you to keep it long.
    Also, it’s easier to cut it then to search for extensions :))) If you’re not decide yet, I’d say let it grow. What’s going to cost you?

    • I just wore a bit longer hair than now for long time and then I cut it-grow it-cut it-grow-it. It’s obviously faster to cut than to grow) I don’t want really long hair but I also want my hair to suit me not just having longer hair for having long hair. p.s. my friend had as long hair as you do and one day she cut it to jaw-length bob:D Everyone was shocked and she was very glad)) and was glad after some time as you never know what will come to your head one day:D

    • Thanks for a comment and I will visit your page (already did actually) BUT if you comment on someone’s else post it shouldn’t be just asking for attention:)

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