Faves2015: Haircare

Hi! How are you?

Are you still waiting for all other faves of 2015 even it’s already february?

Today is a Hair day!:D

I tried to include only really loved products. I didn’t include shampoos as I couldn’t decide which ones are really worth mentioning so I think I will have some separate posts with shampoos I didn’t write about before.haircare faves blog

My hair: Fine, average density (I think so), medium length, half of length natural color and half was colored last time a year ago … think about it like washed off hairdye part with less pigment in it so prone to split ends and breakage. I use hairdrier after every wash which is once in two days. And I use hairspray religiously:D I don’t use straightener.


faves 2015 haircare blog 1

I already have posts about both of this conditioners.

 Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner   Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Conditioner 

Joico Moisture Recovery conditioner is a nice light conditioner, which detangles hair perfectly, gives moisturized feeling and doesn’t weigh hair down. I used two bottles of this conditioner and I’m going to buy it again. Yes, there are plenty nice cheaper conditioners..can’t deny but this one does it’s job better than others for me.

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Conditioner is a wonderful option for everyone with colored-treated, highlighted, blonde, chemically-treated damaged or/and dry hair. It’s packed with hydrolized keratin, silk and panthenol. You can use it both as conditioner or leave it for a bit longer to have more like a mask effect. If your hair is just a bit dry and you want to try it, don’t overuse it. If you feel your hair got better and then get drier you should switch to different conditioner. Keratin and protein conditioners can have reverse effect if your hair is in good condition or it’s already enough of this treatment. I didn’t experience that but I know it can happen.

Leave-in treatments. Oil, cream and spray

leave in treatments faves 2015 blog
I have a full post only about this cream leave-in treatment here so I won’t write a huge paragraph about it:)

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum 

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 6 effects Serum is a  leave-in which doesn’t weigh hair down, help to prevent a breakage (not fully but it does help), protects ends.  It’s suits both my fine hair and wavy a bit unruly dry hair of a girl who recommended it. It contains both silicones and helpful ingredients like keratin. Rich Repair serum is not super-silikoney so it won’t give you supersleek look.

Moroccanoil Treatment for all hair types is a silicone-oil leave-in, which I mentioned two times on my blog already and hesitated about it as it’s expensive and there are a lot of oils of this type on the market. Finally, after some time and two bottles of 10 ml of Moroccanoil I came to a conclusion that this is indeed a wonderful product and for my hair it worth the money. I tried other oils which gave good results but after some time the effect after oil wasn’t as good or was bad. The same oil performed differently during some period of time. Moroccanoil gives me wonderful result each time during months. For very fine hair you would need to use just a bit as it may weigh hair down but for now it doesn’t do that to me. It protects hair, cuts drying time, provides shine, coats hair with thin film which makes hair tangle less, makes ends look verrrrry good. If you are interested in this oil I’d recommend to get somewhere 10ml or 25ml so you can try it. I have 100ml with pump (pumps goes in a box while bottle is closed with a cap), the minus of the pump that it gives only full portion and you can’t press just half of it. First I thought it will be too much but after I spread it between my palms and apply on ends and part of the length I realised that it’s a good amount for me. For those with thick, very long or unruly hair you may be will need even more than one pump. I find it best to apply on damp or slightly damp hair. If you feel you can use more you can spread a bit on dry hair after blow drying or straightening to add more shine.

leave in spray haircare blog sun

Schwarzkopf Bonacure hairtherapy Sun Protect spray-conditioneris a leave-in conditioner, which provides hair with a bit more moisture, makes them more smooth (at least I noticed such effect on my hair), protection and helps with tangles. I have no idea whether this spray actually helps to protect color on sun. I think hair feels better on sun with some leave-in than without 🙂

I mentioned Mositure Kick spray-conditioner on my blog before and I think they give similar effect..or even the same ? O_o . I got now new Moisture Kick spray as well. For those who tried this sprays in old packaging I should say that the new version feels different! It feels lighter on hair! And if Moisture Kick before could weigh hair down if you spray quite reasonable amount on hair new spray doesn’t do that. I bet if you spray really a lot it will  do that also 😀  For me it’s an improvement. May be for those who has curly fluffy unruly hair it’s a minus.


styling fave hair blog

And again I have whole post dedicated only to this foam.

Orofluido Volume Mousse 

Orofluido Volume Mousse smells wonderful, works the same way. Volume, heat protection, nice scent, no stickiness.  You only need to be careful with an amount you apply as it contains oils.

We slowly reached The End of Year Discoveries:)

This post is tooo long already, don’t you think? 🙂

haircare faves blog 2

Paul Mitchell Moisture Super-Charged Moisturizer (intense hydrating treatment) is a mask with protein , panthenol, aloe and some extracts which works! My ends became very dry at the end of the year from weather and heating and they just didn’t lay nicely. I bought this mask and was amazed. It has cumulative effect. My ends looked more alive after one use and even better after two. I’m not saying it will “heal” your hair completely as it’s impossible but the result is visible and has not only decorative effect. This mask and Goldwell Conditioner are two keratin and protein based products which actually improve hair. Again be careful and don’t overuse any product based on protein and keratin if your hair doesn’t need it.

Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir for fullness&body is this the longest post I have?   is a very good styling product in cream-gel form. It’s not sticky, not drying. It has good ingredients. It delivers everything promised. Fullness and body. Also my hair looks more fresh on a second day:) You apply it on damp hair and then blow dry with a brush or without. 🙂

Did you use anything from my faves post? What would you like to try yourself from my list or what can you recommend for me? Share you hair faves in comments:)

Have a nice day!




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