Christmas Wishlist TAG


Few days ago I was tagged by A Pound Of Luck to do this tag. I decided why not as I don’t usually post any wishlists on my blog. This tag is called Christmas Wishlist but for me it will be just wishlist as I’m not expecting anything from my list on Christmas:).

christmas wishlist tag

The rules for this tag:
1. Write a post with at least 5 things you’d like to receive for Christmas (a book, a trip, a makeup product, whatever you wish) and mention the blog where this tag originated from – Mercury– and who tagged you, write what this tag is about and add the logo
2. Tag other 10 blogs & let them know

Sooo… 5 things.. 😉

Dressing table and a chair

This one is from Ikea and I think it looks beautiful.  I  don’t want just plain table which I will use for storage and as a place to apply makeup. I was dreaming about dressing table for verrrrrrrryyyyyy long.

 PicMonkey Collage3

Faber Castell  36 Art Grip Aquarelle pencils

I don’t even have what to add here. 🙂


Zoeva brushes

What beauty blogger wouldn’t add something makeup related except furniture:)

I don’t want a set of their brushes as in all sets there are brushes I don’t use at all.  So I choosed several single brushes I’d like to have. There is also Luxe Sheer Cheek brush which I’d like also but those on picture are more “important” as I don’t have exactly the same type of brushes.

PicMonkey Collage2

Zoeva small brush clutch

I didn’t know to include this with brushes or to count as a separate piece. I’d like to have such as it’s not big, quite flat so I can use it as a small makeup bag for handbag:)


Photo lens

Ok, this is the most expensive thing on the list. I have here three options. And I lean towards last two more. First one has something I like  and it’s quite universal actually but it can’t be compared, for example, to last one, which is a macro lens. Some time ago I wanted to get and extension ring but it’s obviously can’t be compared to getting Macro lens (in quality of result and in price).

PicMonkey Collage

I will be a rule breaker at tagging people. I used to tag people but I realised that those who liked tag make the post whether they were tagged or not and lots of tagged people don’t write posts.

You are free to tag yourself instead of me:)

Have a nice day!:)


15 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist TAG

  1. Of course there has to be the Zoeva brushes on a beauty blog 😀 They’re just so beautiful and soft. I have three of them and want so-so much more. If I’d make a new wishlist post I think I’ll add the whole site. I want to try everything from them – even makeup.

    Oh… and you’re right about the dressing table. It’s every girls dream. That one looks so nice.

    • 😀 Before everyone wanted real techniques brushes now zoeva’s turn:) I choosed those which I would use and what shapes/types I don’t have. I don’t want to pile brushes. I would like to change some which I have now but they are still very good.
      About dressing table.. you are right! I was dreaming about such from school?))) I saw some others I like but they are more expensive.
      About zoeva I’d try some their eyeshadows and pencils also:)

    • Thanks! Yes, I think may be if you have none you can buy a set or if you have a friend who wants brushes you dont want:)

    • I never tried aquarelle pencils, only simple one or aquarelle paint so I’m interested to try this pencils. I can use them just like simple one if I don’t like to actually make aquarelle drawings from it) did you use any pencils from this brand? I have monochrome set and colorful only from Marco.

      • I love the look of aquarelle paintings! Wish I had more talent to do them 😀 Yes, actually, I’m pretty sure I have a few pencils / colourful pencils from Faber Castell.. if only I knew where they are! Is Marco a good brand? I’ve never heard of it.
        Btw, I tried some perfumes today and I really liked “Calvin Klein – In2U for her”. It was fresh, but not too sharp, not too citrus. Do you know that scent?

        • Yes, I know. I totally forgot about it, it really smells nice and good for every day. And yes, I like marco pencils. I don’t know how popular they are, but they are good. I have Marco Raffine 36 in carboard box and Marco Raffine 12 artist sketching pencils. I actually don’t know how good they are in comparison to Faber Castell. And about aquarelle drawings.. I’m not very good with aquarelle, I want to improve but now I’m actually doing nothing for that:D

      • Just thought I’d mention it cause I remember we had talked about perfumes before..
        And I couldn’t find the Zara perfume you recommended 😦 My Zara store had a lot of new perfumes, but that one wasn’t there.

          • I tried a few other perfumes at Zara’s, but they were too sweet or too synthetic :/ Nothing that stood out..
            Have you tried the Crystal series by Versace? Like Bright Crystal, Yellow Diamond.. ?
            It’s so funny how I can’t wear sweet / gourmand scents right now. I recently tried wearing La Rive – Queen of Life (this was one of my fave scents last winter, a dupe for La vie est belle), but I wanted to wash it off after a few minutes 😀
            Have you tried anything nice lately?

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