Skincare musthave: Bioderma Sebium exfoliating purifying gel

Hi! How are you?

Do you have skincare regime or you just randomly splash something on your face?:D

I don’t write about skincare but I decided to write about my favorite additional skincare product.

bioderma sebium exfoliating gel

I used to use some random scrubs but I never felt like they do anything but from time to time I was buying different scrubs from different brands. At some point I decided to stop and used only cellulose sponges when I wanted gentle exfoliation.

And then I tried IT!!! Bioderma Sebium Exfoliating purifying gel! It can’t be compared to any scrub I’ve ever tried.

It’s a pretty runny gel with very small beads..feels like sand. It’s not harsh or scratching.

bioderms sebium exfoliating gel ingredients

You can use it once-twice a week. You apply it on a wet face instead of your cleansing gel (of course when you removed makeup already if you do that in the evening), gently massage in circular motion for 1-2 minutes and wash with water.

Result: very smooth, clean, fresh-looking face! If you apply moisturizing cream after your skin will feel like smooth soft. Magical!

I just recently got my second tube. You don’t need a lot for one time so 100 ml lasts long.

Price is also verrry good, 36 lei in Dona pharmacy with card (Romania).

Did you try Bioderma Sebium exfoliating gel? What skincare product is your musthave?

Have a nice day!:)


4 thoughts on “Skincare musthave: Bioderma Sebium exfoliating purifying gel

  1. This sounds awesome. Do you use it every night or just a couple of nights per week?

    I don’t use exfoliants right now. I’m using a cleansing gel from Avene, twice a week I’m using cellulose sponges and once a week I’m doing a clay mask.

    • I know gel from Avene, do you like it? I Bioderma as in instruction 1-2 times a week. I also was using cellulose sponges before as all srubs seemed so useless to me that i quit buying them before this gel. If I use it in the evening I remove makeup with micellar water and then I wash face not with my regular gel but using this exfoliating gel. I think to use it every night would be too much for skin. I recommended it to a friend who was using some exfoliating clay mask for long and she said it’s much better than anything exfoliating she used before. I think it’s really worth trying.

      • Then it’s on my list 🙂

        The Avene one I do like it. I like that it lasts so much because you use so little of it. I also think it’s great when you have pimples. It dries them and prevents scaring. As a cleansing gel it really does its job. Just be careful cu rinse o with plenty of water and follow with a good moisturizer.

        • I tried it before and now i have few cleansing gels.. may be I’m crazy:D But I use them all the time so it’s not like they stay without job and one of them is avene (got it recently). I decided to give it a try again as for long time I’m using Bioderma cleansing gel from the same range sebium as exfoliating one. When I started with pharmacy gels I tried both avene and bioderma but I choosed bioderma as I liked it more even I find them quite alike.

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