Artdeco Lip Brilliance 72. Tender lips


How are you? 

 Lip Brilliance 72 is the first product I tried from Artdeco.

artdeco lip brilliance 72 blog

artdeco lip brilliance 72 blog applicator

I tried and fell in love!

+ Not sticky. Of course hair will stick to anything wet:D But lips feel 100% comfortable.

+ After wiping Lip Brilliance lips are moisturized.

+ 72 is a very nice tender pink shade with subtle shimmer.

+ Very comfortable applicator. You get right amount of gloss on it.

+ Affordable. 45 Lei , 10 euros.

+ Pleasant scent. Something like cookies ^_^

+ Doesn’t disappear by itself. You still have it on your lips after cup of coffee.

I didn’t find minuses and I’m sure that other line of their lipglosses Hydra lip is as good as Lip Brilliance. Hydra lip has mostly shades without shimmer and Lip Brilliance is full of very shimmery shades and some without.

I applied quite a lot of gloss on this swatch so you can see shimmer 🙂

artdeco lip brilliance 72

Do you know such brand as Artdeco? Did you try anything? 

Have a nice day! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Artdeco Lip Brilliance 72. Tender lips

    • I have just two lipglosses 🙂 I think it’s very comfortble on lips. I hate sticky glosses or those which makes lips feel like they are in some fat:D

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