Misconception: Split ends on length of hair


I have a mood for another post. Do you have a mood to read it?;)

I know this information is going to be useless for some girls but I decided to write it anyway. I read a lot of comments  on internet from girls who are dealing with this  non-existent problem.


“Hi! I have split ends all over length of my hair. What do I do?”

This is one of the sentences I see from time to time.

Often girls think that they have split ends on all hair length when they just have hair of different length. They see around this pics with 100% smooth hair (which are 90% of time styled) and think ALL this strands which  look “frizzy” on their hair are split ends. The truth is our hair has different length.Hair falls and grows every day that’s why we have some shorter hair strands also. If we had 100% of hair of the same length it would mean that all hair falls one day and then starts to grow with the same speed or new hair grow directly in one day to the length of all other hair:D

If you take one strand and see it separated into two (ot three or ..) that is a split end. Hair strand also can be damaged (white dots) which can lead to split end. The only way to get rid of it is to cut above the point where hair starts to split.

All this twisting a piece of hair and cutting everything which goes out is not helping you to get rid of split ends usually. It helps to cut drier ends that’s why hair looks smother after..but not for long.

All this hair going from a piece you took and twisted are just hair which is shorter and still growing.  If you really want  to get rid of split ends  which you have on shorter hair and not just to refresh ends you will need actually to check where hair strands start to split and if there is a split end in general! 🙂

Tell me about some beauty misconception you came across:).

Have a nice day!:)


7 thoughts on “Misconception: Split ends on length of hair

  1. I don’t have this problem anymore…I had my hair cut short (well, shoulder length) and its in the best condition it’s ever been! I used get lots of split ends when I grew my hair long… 😐

    • Shoulder length is medium length:) So it’s still quite a lot of hair.:) I think it depends on hair of a person and products whether split ends are common guest or not:.Also long hair tends to rub between clothes, on linens, etc. Shorter hair also look more alive usually as the hair strands are not very old ..can u imagine those have hair till ass, they carry some part of hair which is 5-6 years old or even 7 :)) My hair looks denser with shorter hair style but I’m currently on stage “i’d like to see them longer” as I had the length from chin to shoulder for few years already:)

  2. Huh I guess I never really thought about each hair growing at it’s own pace! It’s funny cause I’ve been trying to grow a bad home dye job out of my hair and under all my hair it’s all gone! My hair grew THAT fast but on top I still only have half the color out! Great post 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 Hair can grow with different speed on different area of head. ALso top of our head is usually under influence of environments more than other parts. And take into account that the hair at back of your head is shorter than the one on the top if you don’t have layers. So you actually grow top hair longer 🙂 And yeah, if hair falls then it grows back but some girls don’t think that in the mass of long hair they have shorter ones and it’s good..they think it’s bad and their hair splits that’s why it’s shorter:)

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