Coconut on skin. Balea bodycream coconut


How are you?

Lately I’ve been more active on instagram than on my blog. I needed to scroll reader pretty long to cover at least 60% of posts I missed:)

I came back to you with Balea body cream… AGAIN Body cream:D

I actually already finished this huge jar and I’m half through new 500ml jar.

No, I don’t eat it! 😀

balea bodycreme cocos 1

balea bodycreme cocos2

Long story short..I liked it a lot!

+ moisturizes very good (I already wrote you than I can see on back of my arms if acream is nourishing enough or not. This one is! My arms are extra smooth);

+ huge packaging;

+ cheap;

+absorbs fast;

+ it’s more moisturizing than basil LE version from previous year;

+ nice scent, not too sweet and suffocating, not powerful, doesn’t stay very long on skin;

One minus I can think about is packaging. Not everyone likes to dip their fingers in such a huge jar. I used this cream twice a day so it finished pretty fast.

 Now I have a jar of new body cream from Balea Coconut+Vanilla. It has totally the same properties but scent is different. I think I prefer simple coconut more.

Did you try this body cream or any other Balea body cream? Do you like body care or you skip this step?:)

Have a nice day!:)



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