Essence. Crème brûlée


How are you?

What is a basic eyeshadow color for you? I’m sure a lot of people will answer satin champagne. I know this a very popular shade to use with winger eyeliner. Not everyone wants to leave their eyelids totally bare:)

It’s time to present you a nice universal satin champagne shade: Essence I love nude 03 creme brulee.

essence i love nude

It’s a very nice product which can be used both as an eyeshadow and as a subtle highlighter.

Creme brulee is a perfect basic shade.

essence i love nude creme brulee

It’s smooth but a bit powdery (but just a bit). I always use eyeshadow primer so I have no idea what staying power it has without one but with Artdeco primer it doesn’t crease and stays all day.

essence i love nude creme brulee 2

There is really not much to say. I think swatches say everything by themself 🙂

Also I need to mention that this eyeshadow is very affordable;).

Do you own anything from Essence collection I love nude? What do you think about this shade?

Have a nice day!:)



7 thoughts on “Essence. Crème brûlée

  1. I haven’t tried their I love nude eyeshadows yet, but they look really pretty. Have you used it as highlighter yet?
    I have an eyeshadow from their “regular” collection and I LOVE using it as a highlighter 😀

    • I used it as highlither few times also. It looks subtle but it’s more powdery when you try to pick it up with big brush. So better with finger or something small and soft:) I like their cream-to-powder highlighter. It’s more evident one but gorgeous. I bet if Dior repackaged this cream highlighter everyone would go crazy how cool it is. But it’s just essence., noone raves about essence:D

      • Yeah, I know! But maybe it’s also because not everybody has easy access to essence products? You’re still right, though.. if such products were released by high end brands, many more people would go crazy and pay way too much money for them 😀 If it’s still available where you live, check out the essence eyeshadow “raindrops on roses”.. it looks like a very light and cool pink tone, but it works so well as a highlighter on the cheekbones! I’ve been loving it on top of a light peach blush 🙂

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