3 comments you are sick of


Do you remember my post about advice you are sick of? Today’s post is about youtube and social network comments.

Of course when I write “sick of” I exaggerate.


1.  Goals

Photo or video: pretty girl/ nice makeup/ beautiful hair/ good body/ handsome boyfriend/ kisses on camera/ nice apartment/etc.

Comments: Hair goals/ body goals/ boyfriend goals/ relationship goals/ everything goals etc.

Thoughts: Hair goals or body goals or some skills goals are ok comments. You’d like to work on your body or improve some of your skills or grow gorgeous long hair (remember from three strands you will never grow lion or horse mane). But what is boyfriend goals? To find the same exact boyfriend? You are not the same as that other girl (blogger usually). And if your character is different there is a high chance that your boyfriend will be different. Are you going to run around the city with a photo of someone’s else boyfriend and list of his traits to find the same? You don’t even know him! You know a second of him or how he looks on photo or that he gives flowers.

Few times I saw comments with “goals” which implied that a girl wants to be some other girl, to look like her. Is it a comment of 15  y.o. girl? If yes, ok. But I saw some girls over 20 commenting the same way. Are you all hating your appearance that much? :/

“Smart” Obvious thoughts: Think about a list of your appearance goals based on what you have. You can’t grow taller or become smaller. You can’t  have totally different appearance without surgery.  I also want to have gorgeous dense hair but I don’t and I can watch 1000 of pics and my hair won’t change that significantly. SO let’s try to focus on improvement of what we have. Stop this stupid everything “goals” comments.

2. Do it better

Video: some weird editing/ bad sound/ noises/ bad lightning/ lots of pauses in speach or lots of mistakes/ repeating the same adjective 10000+ times/etc.

Comment: Usually not offensive at all! Person points out something to improve in quite nice way.

Comment under the comment: The greatest pointless defender comes to start the great fight. “Film your own video and we will laugh at your mistakes” or anything like that. Do it better or you don’t have a right to comment, critisize or even breathe under this video.

Thoughts: Right! *sarcasticly and loud*

This movie is so stupid/ boring/etc.

Why don’t  you film your own before critisizing?

Main actor is playing terribly.

Did you finish drama school? Become an actor before commenting someone’s else performance.

This dish is dirty.

Wash it better than me before commenting.

This dress was made very badly.

Are you a designer or sewer? Become the best one and then you can comment on this dress.

To sum it up, “Shut up until you learn everything in this world”. Really?

Such type of comment can work only if it’s related to appearance. Someone has 3 kg of excess weight and a person with 25 kg of excess weight better doesn’t comment on  eating habits of other while chewing crispies with mayonnaise. Unless it’s a comment  (not while chewing crispies) “Take care of your body or you will have problems I experince now”. This is a comment-advice, not do-it-better.

3. I need you to know THIS!

Video: Any!

Comment: Your videos became boring I unsubscribe.

Thoughts: Really? I guess we all need to cry now.  Do you announce everything this unimportant? Did you write “subscribe” comment when you subscribed? Do you think blogger don’t see when he/she lose audience? Noooooooo.

There are more of annoying or weird comments but I decided to write about most recent which I paid attention to.

What is your “favorite” comment on youtube or social networks?

Have a nice day!:)


15 thoughts on “3 comments you are sick of

  1. These “goals” comments are really getting on my nerves, I don’t know why everybody has to write this. If I like someone (want something this person has), I usually write “Oh, I’d love to have this and that”, but this goals. Argh.
    Have a nice day!

    • So true. Or why not just to compliment something you like? No, this Goals are everywhere now. I don’t know who started this but previous year noone was writing this goals comments:)

  2. Favorite comments? Oh deffinitely the ‘Love this. Check out my blog!’ 🙂 I just see double rainbows with dancing fairy princesses next to it when I see these. 🙂

    Great post, though. 🙂


    • 😀 I feel some people who write this comment don’t even look at a post or read at least something from it.

        • Yes, it’s sad. If you want to attract other people to your blog why not to show them that you are actually interested in their article. But I guess you spend less time commenting on more blogs like that:D Just copy-paste. I check everyone’s blog who leaves me a comment and I think noone needs this “check my blog”. Like people don’t know that they can click on their blog name.

          • Exactly!

            Same! I don’t need this person giving me instructions – and I’m actually less likely to check their blog if they say that…

  3. OMG I soo agree! Everyone is so defensive that you can’t even comment and give advice anymore (even when you mean well). Also, I totally don’t understand why people feel the need to tell you they are unsubscribing… I mean, it’s your life so do what you do! Haha 🙂 Great post, girl 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, so many people are so sensitive you better don’t talk to them at all. Some time ago I read an article from a girl who wrote what questions drive her crazy (actually there were some normal questions even) and then I started to read comments and couldn’t believe that so many people are so childish. Some wrote that are offended by question “why did you became vegetarian/why you don’t drink alcohol”.. What is wrong with this questions. Yes, I also find intresting to know the root of such decision may be it will make me rethink my habits for example. One wrote that question what does her tattoo mean drives her crazy.. And people are badly educated if they ask this. really? why? Why do you make a tattoo on a part of your body which can be seen and then get offended all the time by this question. She wrote that she made it for herself and it’s noone’s business. How do this people communicate in the world if simple question touches them so much? Probably all their communication with other people is “-Hello! Nice weather!Bye”, because they can find question “how are you” too offensive:D

      • OMG you totally summed it up right there! You just can’t communicate with anyone anymore. No one understands inquiry or polite conversation. You have to walk on eggshells around everyone so you don’t “hurt their feelings” and get your head chewed off! Maybe it’s just an issue with the newer generations because they are so disconnected from real socializing and spend so much time on the internet and social media!? I don’t know. But that’s why I like to sub to as many bloggers/vloggers as I can who don’t have that kinda attitude 🙂

  4. This post is goals!! JOKING. But wow I couldn’t agree more, loved reading this post. The internet is a scary thing these days.. I wonder what our world is becoming!!x

    • Thanks:) I don’t think so pesimistic. Just before we didn’t know thought of so many people. Now you are free to write all your sh*t online:D and now we can meet and communicate on internet with people we would never meet or start discussion with them (now I mean not good people!) . Would you argue with badly educated unpolite peson in reality? I doubt but internet makes us meet people we would never connect ourself in reality with.

  5. I could write a novel here! Since I started youtube, I constantly have people commenting things like,” Nice video. I just recently started a youtube channel, maybe we can be subbies”…I am pretty sure they don’t even know what I vlog about, and it makes me so annoyed, I even added a section to my channel description to shoo them off…still unsuccessful :(. I also hate photos where people pout (so about 90% of IG). I hate the “something on fleek” comment. Plus all the stuff you mentioned…and probably more!!! Great post, let’s bitch about these things together!!! 😛 😀

    • 😀 Let’s! I see often comments under different videos “subscribe, i’m new bla bla-bla”. And yes, I’m sure 95% don’t watch video under which they comment. I even received several messages like that on youtube “Hi! You might be interested in my channel about bla bla bla”:D Something on fleek..so true. I never heard that just a year ago and now your wings are on fleke, ass on fleek :D. There are more annoying comments of course. May be I will pay attention and gather more for my next post.

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