Balea Jeden Tag Shampoo Süßer Kuss. Sweeeet kiss


How are you?

Do you live in a country which has DM store? If you do  and you are a blogger I’m sure you know about birthday line of Balea:).

Of course I picked up something. And this something is everyday shampoo called Sweet Kiss. Isn’t it cute?:)

balea 20 jahre shampoo

Let me start from telling you how nice packaging of this shampoo looks! Just take a minute to enjoy.:)

So bright, sunny, summery..

The scent is amazing. Not some powerful artificial sh*t. It’s really pleasant but it doesn’t stay long on hair.

Sweet Kiss shampoo is very cheap as other Balea shampoos from their simple line.

It lathers good/  smells nice/ didn’t irritate my skin/  mild shampoo. It really should suit those who wash their hair everyday. I found this shampoo to be  gentle. It doesn’t dry hair at all. I can’t use just it as I use styling products and sometimes I need a bit stronger shampoo. But mostly people complain that shampoo is too strong :))

My hair didn’t become greasy faster with this shampoo. I still needed to wash my hair as usual.

balea 20 jahre shampoo ingredients

Balea Jeden Tag Shampoo Süßer Kuss doesn’t contain alcohol as other shampoos from cheaper line from Balea. After changing design they reformulated a bit their shampoos and conditioners and I guess they use alcohol as preservative. I have no idea. I read that every blogger points this out but mostly noone noticed difference in  the effect:)

Did you try this shampo? Did you pick up somethng from 20 Jahre collection?

Have a nice day!:)


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