Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum

Hi! Long time no post:)

How are you?

Today I decided to review a wonderful hair serum from Goldwell.

rich repair goldwell serum

goldwell rich repair serum

~ nice texture, cream-gel;

~ easy to spread;

~ no stickiness;

~ pleasant light scent;

~ super pump, which allows you to get as much product as you need even if it’s the smallest drop:);

~ best to apply on damp hair (the best effect and I believe that like this you can get benefits from ingredients such as hydrolized silk and keratin);

~ prevents breakage!!!! It really help with that! (not in a miracle way of course:));

~ adds shine;

~ protects hair during blow-drying;

~ prevents split-ends and helps to delay your next haircut(if you want to grow hair);

~ makes hair smoother and silkier;

~ doesn’t weigh fine hair down;

~ good price (especially if ordered online) (14 euros on beautybay, for example).

 I can’t find any minuses. I can’t tell how it will perform on a different type of hair but I bought it after recommendation of a girl with dry wavy bit frizzy hair (totally opposite to my hair type). So I guess it will suit different hair types.

I pump a small amount of serum (as I have medium length fine hair  and I don’t need a lot), spread a little bit between my fingers and apply on my ends and run through half length of my hair.

Did you try Goldwell hair care? What is you favorite leave-in product?

Have a nice day!:)


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