I’m not satisfied with… (2): Loreal Miss Manga


How are you?

Once I started “I’m not satisfied with..” posts but I have only one for now. In reality I’m not saisfied with more things but I don’t always keep them to write a post:)

Today I’m going to talk about Loreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Black Angel Mascarasoooo long name 🙂

I heard and read lots of good reviews in english and lots of not so good in russian language. I was excited to try this mascara as one blogger I watch said it was her favorite (now her favorite is different one:)).

loreal miss manga mega volume black angel review

loreal miss manga review

Long story short… I DON’T LIKE IT at all!

Mascara wand bends very easily and this doesn’t help.

Wand picks too much mascara. Do I want to have a mascara which requires some additional wiping? No.

Bristles are weird. They are different length and it doesn’t look like a plus. On my photo mascara wand looks pretty ok. Probably it was the best it could look.

At first mascara is too wet. It’s pretty common and usually such mascaras perform on start ok and with time better. This one performs very bad. One layer – no effect, no volume, eyelashes start to stick with each other and this wand won’t help you in separating you lashes. Yes, it adds length from second layer and also adds… CLUMPS at the end of EACH lash! This mascara is CLUMP NIGHTMARE.

I used it in one of my posts and it was the best result I could get. Take this into account! BEST RESULT I COULD GET!

Pluses: It didn’t melt under my eyes and I didnt have fall out (at least few times I tried to become friends with it).

Here is few pictures. Guess where is Loreal Miss Manga Mascara. 🙂

May be you won’t like other variants also.. I don’t know:) But I can see who is outsider here.

miss manga vs other mascara

Did you try Loreal Miss Manga? What is you favorite mascara?

Have a nice day! 🙂


10 thoughts on “I’m not satisfied with… (2): Loreal Miss Manga

  1. For me it’s so funny that you dedicated an entire post to this product. I had a hate – …like relationship with it. Somtimes it was OK but others it was a disaster on my lashes. Also, I think you need to have a special traning for it :)) At least it took me a while to know how to use it 🙂

    • Why it’s funny? I have other hate post dedicated to rimmel foundation:D I don’t know what they were thinking making this stupid bending wand:D And why do I need 1 kg of mascara at once?:D I wanted everyone to know that:D May be they needed to include CD with tutorial with this mascara:)

        • I just couldn’t stop thinking how bad it is:D It’s just not worth its price. You see.. I still can’t stop:D

  2. i don’t like this mascara at all! I only have the purple coloured version of it and I know use it only on my bottom lashes. My all time fav mascara is Max Factor False Lash effect (been using it for years!).

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