Latest favorites. Collistar&Avene


How are you? How do you like a new look of my blog?

I thought I didn’t write favorites post for some time so today is THEDAY!:D

Lately I’ve been in love with a few products I purchased one month or a little more ago. It’s enough time to test and fall in love with something:)

Recently Avene make-up appeared in romanian pharmacies and I decided to give it a go. Collistar is also a new brand to me as I only stared at their products in Sephora before:D

favorites latest

latest faves2

Skip this part directly to review under next photo if you are bored

The first favorite is Avene Translucent Mosaic Powder. I needed some powder for a bag as I have at home only loose one and hot weather was coming.  I didn’t want to buy very expensive powder but wanted something good. At first I was searching for a powder which would have mirror and a brush or puff. This is a hard task! Loreal Alliance Perfect has everything but since they changed their shades I can’t get which one is mine. I liked this powder few years ago but I stopped buying it when they changed shades. I don’t know whether they actually changed  formula.  Bourjois Healthy mix powder is a nice powder but not mattifying enough for summer day (for me), changes color if to apply a lot (so lots of touch ups are not a good idea). I couldn’t choose anything from drugstore as there are not so many powders to choose from.:/ So I decided to go for something more expensive and stopped on Clinique Almost Powder and Avene Translucent Mosaic Powder. Clinique powder has brush and Avene powder doesn’t but I decided to go with Avene:) –Too much useless information

avene couvrance translucent powderAvene Translucent Mosaic powder is indeed translucent!

~ doesn’t make face powdery white as some transparent powders;

~doesn’t cover anything but somehow makes face a little more uniform (if applied over foundation/bb cream/etc.);

~ very smooth silky texture;

~ no dust at all! AT ALL, CARL!:D

~ At first it seems that brush doesn’t pick up powder and powder is like a rock..but you are WRONG! You rotate your brush in pan and it picks up exactly right amount of powder.

~ You can scratch/rub/etc. powder with your brush for eternity and there will be no dust at all may be super tiny amount on mirror .Magic!:)

~ mattifies better than Clinique blended face powder when it’s very hot;

~ fragrance and preservative free;

~ formulated to minimize risk or allergy;

~ 9 gr/ 98 lei in Sensiblu (89 with discount);

~ nice minimal white plastic packaging (no cheap plastic feel);

~ doesn’t find invisible dry flakes (you know when you apply foundation or powder and realize that all your face is in flakes which you even didn’t see? no such problem with this powder);

~ it would be 100% perfect summer  translucent powder if it had brush or sponge/puff.

avene couvrance

Next hero is  Collistar Twist Ultra-Shiny Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen

Collistar Twist Gloss Ultrabrillante

collistar twist ultra shiny lip gloss

I have two shades: 205 Magenta and 201 Perla Trasparente.

Love Love Love them!!

~ doesn’t dry lips but doesn’t nourish either, so better apply on lips without dry flakes;

~ lips feel nice after this gloss;

~ gorgeous shades;

~ pretty long-lasting (doesn’t disappear by itself, survives cup of coffee, doesn’t fade in ugly way during lunch/dinner);

~ magenta shade loses its glossiness after food but it stains lips so you can not worry that you look funny without touch-up:);

~ pretty packaging;

~ doesn’t contain parabens (if it’s important for you);

~ lips look like candy with this glosses (they are not too glossy, just perfect amount of shine);

~ 69 lei in Sephora;

~ the only minus: all writings on packaging disappear very fast as with other pencil-lipstick packaging;

~ both glosses can be applied in thin layer and thicker  for brighter color or more shimmer.

Magenta is a beautiful bright shade for summer. Perla Trasparente is transparent gloss with lot of white, pink and some other color I guess shimmer (which you don’t feel on lips). Perla trasparente makes lips look a little white because of shimmer but in a good way. It creates “frozen” lip look. The more you apply the whiter your lips will look.

I’d like to get two more shades. I guess it will be too many already:D

I will try to make separate post with swatches if anyone is interested.

Next product is my new eyebrow love Collistar Perfect Eyebrows Kit 

Kit Sopracciglia Perfette

Gel Sopracciglia 3 in 1+ Matita Sopracciglia

collistar perfect eyebrow kit

There are 3 shades of this product (biondo virna, castano asia,  bruno silvana). I went for second one but I guess first one will be good for me also. There is a slight different between them but if you have lighter hair better go for the lightest. Third shade is for girls with very dark hair.

This small eyebrow gel comes in a set with a tiny pencil to highlight browbone. This product may remind you of Benefit Gimme Brow. One blogger wrote that they are alike. Why did I buy Collistar? Cheaper, good reviews, comes with small pencil(nice bonus).

Benefit eyebrow gel costs 120 lei in Sephora if I remember right and Collistar one costs 89 lei. 

~ fixes brows very good;

~ comfortable small brush;

~ makes eyebrows look fuller;

~ really adds color, my eyebrows look like I filled them with pencil when I used just this gel);

~ you can vary amount of product you apply and get lighter natural effect or more defined and darker;

~ small highlighter pencil is very good for browbone, gives very natural effect but so tiny pencil;

~ expensive but worth it at least for me;

Did you try anything from Avene make-up or Collistar? What is your latest make-up favorite?

Have a nice day!:)


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