Maybelline Hydra Extreme. Do you like mauve and pink as I do?


How are you?

I was thinking about posting this for too long.. I almost forgot about it:D

So today let’s talk about Maybelline lipsticks from their range Hydra Extreme.

maybelline hydra extreme blog

maybelline hydra extreme windsor rose that's mauvie

Straight to pluses and minuses!

+ not drying (at all!);

+ not expensive ( 24 lei=5 euros maximum, can get cheaper on discount/ price depends on your country);

+ long-lasting for a creamy lipstick (it doesn’t disappear by itself / stays on me till I eat or wipe it/ can survive a cup of coffee but I add a little more after anyway/ doesn’t disappear in center after a cup of coffee it just fades a little in general);

+ nice, light, simple packaging;

+ it’s creamier at first and then sets a little;

+has nice a bit glossy finish;

+ smells pleasant (like most of Maybelline lipsticks);

– None.

May be one minus! Not a wide range of colors! Too many shimmery one and only one I think looks nice from them. Those without  shimmer are very nice but simple colors.

It’s very good creamy lipstick! Better than new (not so new actually) Moisture Renew by Rimmel.  I compare them because they are both moisturizing creamy lipsticks and their price is almost the same. I had Vintage Pink from Rimmel and it was wonderful! I got another lipstick from this range later in a new packaging and formula was totally different. I don’t know whether it depends on a color but the one I got was nothing like Vintage Pink. Too creamy, disappears in not very nice way after a cup of coffee, feels like lipstick lives separate lives with your lips and just wants to run away.

maybelline hydra extreme swatches

This two colors are wonderful! That’s Mauvie is a perfect mauvie-pink shade!In love! If to apply thin layer it looks like MyLipsButBetter, in thicker or two layers looks like dark MLBB:)

Windsor Rose can look differently under different light. When I apply it at home I see it as bright pink but when I make photos or look at myself outside it looks like a nice calm pink shade. 🙂

I don’t have photos of That’s mauvie on my lips  for now but I prepared Windsor Rose. 

lmaybelline hydra extreme wiondsor rose 2

lmaybelline hydra extreme wiondsor rose 3

Do you own any lipstick from this range?

What is your MLBB lipstick?

Have a nice day!:)


7 thoughts on “Maybelline Hydra Extreme. Do you like mauve and pink as I do?

  1. Lovely colours ! I used to have Maybelline lipsticks , but now when I know that this brand tests all their products on animals , I choose to buy other products friendly with animals and nature !

  2. I have “Pinky Beige” from that line, but it has been discontinued a while ago :/
    My favourite MLBB lipsticks would be “Barely there” by essence and “Maroon” by Catrice 🙂

    • I know this shade and I regret not buying it when I saw it:/ I need to check Barely there by essence as there is no catrice in my city:)

  3. […] Maybelline Hydra Extreme in shades Windsor Rose 173 and That’s Mauvie 210 – very budget-friendly lipsticks with excellent quality (at least in shades I own). It has simple packaging and that’s probably why some people don’t pay attention to them. It’s simple but not cheap looking or feeling. I have a post with swatched and review here – Maybelline Hydra Extreme. […]

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