Body: Balea Pflegecreme with Sheabutter

Hi! How are you?

I didn’t have inspiration to write on my blog for several days. Did you miss me?:)

Probably not.. attention seeker 😀

Today I prepared a review on a body cream.

Did I like it? In few second you will find out.

balea pflegecreme sheabutter

Let’s start from ingredients list as some of people are interested in such information. So we see coconut oil and shea butter very high on a list.balea pflegecreme sheabutter ingredients

Actually this cream is for face and body but I didn’t apply it on my face as I don’t like the idea to apply the same cream everywhere (except sunscreen).

So..Let’s start:

+  Cream-gel texture. It’s not actually gel-cream I think but it feels like.

+ Good price (8 lei, less than 2 euros);

– It smells weird. Not powerful and nasty but I didn’t like scent at all.

– It doesn’t moisturize dry skin. I would say it is for normal or slightly-slightly dry skin.

It’s ok to use on legs after shaving in warm seasons or on whole body if you don’t have really dry areas as it won’t help there AT ALL.

Conclusion: I don’t have much to say about this cream. It was so-so. I used this jar till the end but I didn’t enjoy at all. If it had at least pleasant scent I’d like it more. It’s not bad but I don’t recommend this cream. Balea has better options.

Did you try this cream? Do you use body care products regularly or only on home-spa days?

Have a nice day!:)


9 thoughts on “Body: Balea Pflegecreme with Sheabutter

  1. I’m so with you on not applying the same cream every where. My face tends to be much more sensitive than the rest of my skin, so what’s fine on my arms and legs is often too heavy on my cheeks

  2. My legs are super dry as well! One product that actually works fine for me is the florena body milk with olive oil.. the consistency is quite thick, but it really helps 🙂 And it’s inexpensive! Maybe this would be something you want to check out..?

    • Thanks for a comment! I know such brand but it’s not sold here. At least I never saw it. I guess I saw it in Ukraine. So I can check it there when I go:) I bought recently Palmer’s cream for dry skin. I’m going to write review soon when I’m sure about effects. Did you try anything from Palmers?

  3. I feel exactly the same about this cream – doesn’t really moisturize my skin and the smell is kind of weird ( plus I don’t really like the texture), but I love the “Balea Bodybutter Kakao (Nuss is amazing too)”

    • Kakao was amazing! But they don’t sell it anymore:( Nuss is good as well but scent is too powerful for me..I feel like nut cake or waffle 😀 I wish they make such butter with vanilla or coconut scent or bring back kakao:)

      • Really? Maybe they only sell it in the winter?
        That’s exactly what I love about the smell – usually bodybutter-smells don’t stay on my skin, but this does. 😀
        I hope so.

    • And forgot to add.. I don’t understand why this cream with sheabutter doesn’t do much it has good ingredients.

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