Sky on my nails. Flormar 423.


How are you?

What nail polish color do you wear today?:)

flormar 423

Have a nice day!:)


11 thoughts on “Sky on my nails. Flormar 423.

  1. Hi! A beautiful color on your nails ! Today I am wearing an orange colour from Flormar with a nice nail art with dots and glitter ! 🙂

  2. Yes , I like their nail polishes , colours and the texture ! Also , your blue colour is very bright ! I use often Flormar and Farmec , I haven’t got bored yet with them ! 🙂

  3. I wear black nail polish from Chanel on my toenails because fingernail polish in any hue is banned at work. I feel almost underdressed without varnish on my nails. x

    • At least you can play with color on toenails:) But why is it banned at your work? Is it because of dresscode or what you work with?

      • It’s a dress code issue but the dress code was written by a woman who doesn’t like nail polish. I compensate for it by wearing lots of accessories and heavy eye makeup. Something like Dior or Givenchy. Super over the top and lots of mascara.

        • I find it a little weird. And if she liked to wear ponytail would she write in dresscode that everyone should come with ponytail? If it was connected to some work with hands I would understand. I guess I’d do the same what you do..compensate:)

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