Interview. View of a man: Beauty obsessions, blogging, make-up.

Hi! How are you?

I came up with an interesting idea. Are you prepared?:)

I decided to invite a man for an interview and post his opinion on such topics as beauty, make-up, beautyblogging and obsessions.

loreal makeup blog interview

Today my guest is Sergiu. Imagine me hosting a tv show or radio show 🙂


Hi Sergiu! How are you? Have you ever been interviewed on such topics before?

Hi Nastia!  All good! I’m going to answer such questions fo the first time. Will do my best 🙂

What do you think about beauty-blogging?

I can’t have a proper opinion as it’s not something I would read or be interested in. But at the same time I don’t have anything against such area of blogging. If to try to think about it I would say it’s a parallel universe and women’s version for technology and gadgets blogging:)

What is your opinion on beauty-obsessions? When woman is crazy about lipsticks or nail polish and she likes to buy them a lot.

I believe it’s an obsession like all others. I mean people in general tend to have  guilty pleasures. Anyways it’s better than having an alcohol addiction for example or anything that can lead to health problems. I think it resumes mostly to how much you spend on this addiction or if you’re still able to realize your limits.

Why do you think women wear make-up?

Mainly to feel good about themselves I guess :). Not in the sense that they wouldn’t feel good if they wouln’t wear. It’s like a bonus, like wearing a cool t-shirt in your favorite colors rather than a normal random t-shirt. I think make-up is like an accessorize, a way to accentuate eyes, cheecks, face, lips.

Do you have any advice for women who wear make-up because they don’t feel confident about their appearance or skin?

Take one month mountain-camping therapy without your make-up toolbox. You will start to appreciate  having a clean skin and a warm shower in the morning. You won’t be thinking about hiding behind make-up. Make-up should be like a nice scarf you’re wearing in the evening to make yourself feel pleasant, not like a mask.

Can women without make-up be more attractive than the one wearing make-up?

Yes and vice versa.

Do you think it’s ok that women spend quite a lot of money on hair, skincare and make-up?

I think it’s ok. Why wouldn’t it be ok to invest in yourself? Also it depends on how much you actually can afford.  Because at the same time it’s important to keep yourself healthy on the inside also.

Is hair care and skincare obsession is more justified than make-up from man’s point of view? Good skin and hair allows women to feel more confident with no or just little make-up.

From my point of view, it’s more justified. And I would like to believe that good skin and healthy hair weights more that a good make-up or at least it should.

You found out your woman spent 100 euros on beauty products from your family budget without letting you know. Your reaction?!

Could be worse I think.:) Let’s say that 100 euros is still decent 🙂 I will have to feel a little upset  and order myself that cool discounted x-box.

What do you think about men who forbid their women to wear make-up? Do they want just to save their money?:D

I think “forbid” is a heavy word, especially when it comes to relationships. I mean that kind of relationships where love is mutual feeling and no one is trying to change no one 🙂 Hmmm, to save money, maybe? or other weird reasons ( the dominant type, the jelous type, the selfish type :D).

If your girlfriend is beautyblogger or just likes to read a lot of beauty-blogs, do you mind?

No, as long as it doesn’t become her universe.

What amount of beauty products is a lot for a man’s shelf in shower?

For me, anything that exceeds one bottle of shampoo and one shower gel.:)

Thank you very much for you sincere answers. I hope this interview will be interesting to all beauty-addicts. 🙂

Have a nice day!


15 thoughts on “Interview. View of a man: Beauty obsessions, blogging, make-up.

  1. Hi Anastasia 🙂 This post is such a great and original (at least I haven’t seen this type of post on other blogs). Sergiu’s answers are really funny and sometimes I feel like I’m hearing my boyfriend’s – especially the one with the x-box.
    I like that he took this article seriously. Good job to both of you! 🙂

    • Hi! Thank you very much! I didn’t force him to participate but he said it’s a good idea when I told him:)
      X-box..oh, this boys:D

  2. This was such a great idea. It’s nice to hear a man’s perspective since most of the beauty bloggers are women! It seems he answered the questions really honestly even though he himself is not a beauty blogger! I found it really refreshing! Great work!

    • Thank you! Some women tell that they don’t care what men think about make-up-beauty questions but most of us actually interested to hear their opinion. And as I can see some men are not that against make-up like some women state. 🙂
      And yes, I think he answered sincerely:)

  3. This was so great to read! I want to interview my husband now, lol. But I think he feels the same as the lovely man you interviewed. It’s nice to see men who are supportive!

    • Thank you! I guess there are less men in the world who think that make-up is bad..or that we wear make-up to trick them, to lie them about our appearance. Heard such opinion somewhere.They probably think too much about make-up when they meet girl wearing it:D

  4. It’s like a bonus, like wearing a cool t-shirt in your favorite colors rather than a normal random t-shirt.
    Loved this comparsion. It’s sooo true. And great idea for a post as well. 🙂

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