Beauty blogs and photography


How are you?

Note: I don’t state I’m a master of beauty-blogging photography. I don’t have an intention to offend anyone or anyone’s tastes. Every blogger is free to do whatever they want with their blogs.

So.. Photography and beauty blogging.

beautyblogging and photography

Did you notice what I did with this photo?:D Right, it’s not informative but I wanted to emphasize my point:)

I’d like to talk with you about bloggers who pay attention to photos in their blogs, who takes time to make their photos attractive.

Did you ever notice alike blogs with the same style and photos which look the same?

1. Too many overexposed photos. Why? Yes, it may look nice  sometimes when photo is a little overexposed. Let it be just beautiful if a particular photo doesn’t contain any information  for readers. But if you are showing make-up products and you even open packaging why to overexpose it? Sometimes I can’t even see shade of lipstick/blush/nail polish/etc. And there is no more informative photos in the post.  If there is no swatches but lipstick looks interesting to me I will search for it. If I can’t even guess a shade I will just scroll and forget about that post. I won’t even read the name of shades. May be it’s just me. But I’d need to search for each shade to find some interesting one. I can do that without reading a blog. 

2. Overexposed photos, big distance till objects. The same as previous. I saw a lot of photo like that in posts “my favorite lipsticks”, “lipsticks for spring/autumn/summer”, “must-have nudes”,etc. Photo are not only overexposed but makeup or skincare products are so far I  can’t see shades. I can’t even read names of skincare products or recognize brand of makeup items. Yes, it can be few beautiful photos..just for visual pleasure but if you want to give some information with this photos don’t you want to give some information actually?

3. White background. Yes, I like it. Yes, I saw lots of beautiful photos in beauty-blogs on white background. But why almost every blogger does the same? Because such background is clear, clean and easy to look at? Because all attention attracted to product? Or because other bloggers do that? I don’t mind it unless you don’t try to copy other blogs photography. I can find few photos of makeup items on white background and you will be able to understand that they were taken by different people with different style. But at the same time I can find 1000+ photos which look like one blogger took them even if all photos are from different people.

4. Overexposed photos and some blurry-foggy effects. If to add big distance till products this photos are just killing all interest. They make me feel like I have some problem with my eyes. Did you ever experience the same?

5. Too much processing of photos with make-up swatches. If you edit photo to make swatch look like in reality, you are doing good job. Otherwise, no. Too overexposed /underexposed, too high contrast, changing temperature, etc. And suddenly mauvie lipstick looks almost like vibrant fuchsia. If it’s not a photo for a photo but you want to show a shade why to do that? 

I’d like you to leave your opinion in the comments. 🙂 

Have a nice day!:)


8 thoughts on “Beauty blogs and photography

  1. Nice post and, for the most part, I agree with you. First things first: I don’t feel offended by you post what so ever.
    Now, at 3. White background – the reason why I use this background is because I now this is the recommended way to product placement and because I have used makeup and most of the times the writing has rubbed off. Then I want that my readers to at least see the form of the products.
    But I agree that on the blogoshpere are a lot of “copys”.

    • When you choose white background for a reason (as I mentioned) is good choice. But when someone choose it because everyone do that it’s not right thing to do. So you are doing right, from my point of view. I really can’t distinguish some blogs because they look totally the same:) p.s. about offense-good. Just some people take everything too personal and get offended all the time:)

  2. Hey 🙂
    Lovely post!
    I actually agree with you, for the most part.
    I, too, really dislike when people over-edit photos of swatches and makeup looks. Those should, I feel, be taken in natural lighting, so the photo looks as close to the real shade as possible.
    I don’t really mind the white background (I sometimes do that too, since I have great lighting at this white table on my ‘balcony’, but I also find other backgrounds… also on my balcony haha) but I really dislike when a post contains only stock photos or photos of the product from its website – no shadow and just ‘too perfect’, if you know what I mean. (I’m also thinking of those people who photoshop their photos into looking like that) It just seems ‘robotic’ and I feel like there is no personal touch. I mean, I could go to their website and see that exact same photo. (there obviously are exceptions, if the product isn’t out yet and those things)
    Also, I personally like blurring out the background that the camera didn’t manage to blur out, so the product is the main focus. I’ve done that with a fashion post (which I’m uploading later today, #shamelessselfpromo, sorry) and I had to blur out the background.

    Overall, I really liked your post! 😀

    Have a lovely day!


    • Thank you! I feel people didn’t get about white background. 🙂 It’s not bad if you know why you choose it. If you don it because others do it.I don’t like this at all. That what I was writing about:) And about blurry photos..blurry background is good but only today I was watching blog with overexposed blurry photos..No focus on anything. I couldn’t even see what colors products had)) Or when photos are blurry and kinda foggy..the same. I feel like I need glasses:/ 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you on the editing extremists! I don’t understand why people will tweak their pictures so much that the lipstick or swatches don’t even look the same color anymore! And I also find it really frustrating when someone talks about a product and show NO pictures at all. I want to see!! LOL 🙂 Great post, girl 🙂

    • Thank you! You are right. This is what beauty blogs for. We want to SEE:) It’s like I would make a post and tell you what did I draw today and wouldn’t show:D

  4. I always get really annoyed when people show off a makeup look, but the contrast/exposure has been so tempered with or filtered that I cannot for the life of me recognize the colour they are wearing…and that defeats the purpose of the image. So, yes, I agree with you!

    • 🙂 So true. I see this quite often. I guess they do it so their skin looks good on photo? Or I don’t know any other reason:))

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