Body Care: Elmiplant Skinnergy


How are you? I ask this all the time and noone replies:D

I guess this post will be more useful for my romanian readers (if I have any.. I guess I have one:D).

Not long time ago Elmiplant launched their new line of body lotions called Skinnergy. I use body creams all the time so how could I skip this attractive packaging?

elmiplant skinnergy

Ask me why did I put tea near body lotion.. I don’t know. Looks nice:D

Elmiplant Skinnergy Lotions

There are three body lotions in this line. I’m going to try all!:)

They all smell wonderful!

elmiplant skinnergy lotiune

I choosed the one with lychee extract for dry skin.

Let’s see pluses and minuses of this new body lotion:

+ Beautiful packaging! Combination of pink andΒ turquoise – LOVE!!!

+ Absorbs fast;

+Doesn’t leave sticky film on skin, no film at all;

+ Smells pleasant but not powerful, can easily use perfume after and it won’t mix;

+ Moisturizes and nourishes skin, dry elbows are not dry anymore:);

+ Good price (13 lei in Dm);

+Squeeze tube packaging;

– I didn’t find any minus. I wish they sell 1l for 13 lei:D

I recommend to try one of this lotions. I don’t think two others can be bad.

Did you try already new Elmiplant line? Do you like body care products? What is your favorite one?

Have a nice day!:)


23 thoughts on “Body Care: Elmiplant Skinnergy

  1. Yes, you do have at least one romanian reader πŸ˜€
    I didn’t try out this new body lotion. I’m trying cu use the others I have and because of you I have now 2 or 3 body lotions on list πŸ˜€

    About the tea: I saw it in stores. How is it? I have one from the same brand with green tea and jasmin.

    • It’s not me:D What lotions do you have on your list now? Write this one before others:D About tea.. this one youthfull me is fruity and tasty. I took it when it costed 6 lei on some discount. I tried also Sensual me.. don’t take it. It has some herbs which are not tasty. May be good for body but unpleasant to drink. I can totally recommend to try Green tea with Pomegranate (in green box)! My favorite one! 12 lei in Auchan:) p.s. Yes, one romanian reader I know is you:D

      • I feel really special now :))
        The Bed Time that you wrote a few posts ago is on my list and one body butter, I think, from Balea with peach and mint I guess…
        Thank you for the tea suggestions πŸ˜€

        • I guess apricot and basil from balea:) If they still have it. I want to try coconut one in big jar..but I guess later:D I can’t apply body cream 5 times a day:D About bed time.. Dont apply big amount on damp body! I did this few times recently and I could rub cream from my legs in such cream balls.. I dont know how to explain. It spreads very good and you don’t need a lot but I was in a hurry and didn’t think:) I mean cream wasn’t falling from me or anything like that just I scratched my leg and noticed. And when I applied normally I didn’t have such problem. Just in case it will happen to you:)
          Tea topic: one more tea suggestion – Basilur White Magic (it’s milk oolong tea if I’m not mistaken). Verrry tasty but hard to find. I saw once in beautiful box in Sensiblu for 33 lei..quite expensive. But I found a site in Romania where you can order Basilur tea. Oh, I remembered about one more tea..ok, may be not soo good tea in general but it has interesting aroma, Lipton Green Tea Lemon Macaron.It smells amazing, like macaron or some other prajitura:)) Did you try such?

        • True! I walk in center almost every day and pass dm.. I feel they recognize me there so I go to other dm stores from time to time:D Sometimes I go to Sephora and then I think “Ok, at least I can go to Dm for some small treats” πŸ˜€ And few small treats few times don’t cost so little already:) Where is our will?:D

  2. :))) I was so off with the Balea body butter/ lotion. I remember only that it’s in a big jar with orange top.
    For when you’re in a rush you can use spray on lotions. I have the Balea one for a few weeks now and I simply love it. Or you can use Nivea body lotion in shower. I like this one too.

    From Basilur I was Love story II. It smells and taste so good but I don’t remember what’s in it right now. I transformed the beautiful box in a earrings box πŸ˜€

    By the way I think we need a special chat at almost every article.

    • Special chat sounds cool:) About Balea, I think they don’t have it in center but maybe in Dm near Bega or Kaufland they still have that apricot one. It was LE in previous summer. I saw it not long time ago but don’t remeber in which store from this two. And I actually bought that Balea spray on lotion.. I still can’t decide whether I like it or not. I use now in the day Elmiplant lotion.. Oh, I feel I need one more for 9 Lei:D
      In Auchan you can find one Basilur tea in carboard box..something with spring called I guess. I have few metal boxes and I don’t know what I will do with them if I get more:D Also several types of Basilur appeared in the store..miracle of plants (If I remember right, I call it just green store). But they all in metal boxes which makes them ore expensive. this is site with basilur tea.

    • So true.. Feels pleasant having and using nice things even sometimes I think why did I spend money if I really didn’t need it so much:D My husband says I know all available beauty products in all stores I went in:D πŸ˜€ not true! But I definitely know all in Dm, Auchan and in make-up island there:D Loreal Le Blush 105 is now discounted from 40+lei to 19,99 lei. Just in case you are interested πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

      • Ah! You’re killing me :))) Now I have to check out that blush. It looks good in google pictures πŸ˜€
        When I went in Munich two weeks ago, I couldn’t buy any makeup because it was the weekend with 1st May and everything was closed when I wasn’t visiting. My boyfriend remained still in Germany for another week and I sent him to buy some brushes and makeup for me πŸ˜€
        I feel like they don’t fit in my home anymore :))

        • When I see I don’t use something or there are two alike lipsticks or nail polish I forgot about I give it away to a friend. Allows me to keep my collection more clean..even I can’t even call my amount of makeup Collection!:)
          It’s so pity you couldn’t buy anything by yourself. At least you could pass a list to your boyfriend:) So what did you ask him to buy there? What brushes? I want some new brushes πŸ˜€ I was watching real techniques and Sephora ones.
          And it’s not me who is killing you but Auchan:D This is how I bought single Loreal eyeshadow in taupe-brown shade. It costed 44 lei and once I came it was 20 lei. Of course I took it:D

  3. I wanted cheap products beacuse on our last trip (2 month ago in Austria) I bought some expensive stuff like UD Basic Palette, some Benefit products and Zoeva brushes.
    Now he bought for me another mask from Terra Naturi (like the one from my Part 3 articol about skin care) but for sensitive skin this time, a kabuki brush that I wear in my bag since it arrived, a essence smokey eyes brush and hair chalk in the color blue πŸ˜€ I just want to try it for concerts and stuff.
    The Zoeva brushes are sooooooooooo nice. I love them so much and I think they’re better then MAC brushes. If you want to invest in a good set of brushesI recommend you to buy this one: (at least I want this one so bad!!!).
    I have the Real Techniques Starter Set. It containes 5 brushes for eyes and they’re good quality. Also I have the retractable brushes from them. I also like them. And if you’re looking for cheaper but still good brushes you could buy the e.l.f. studio ones. I have a few of them for some time and they’re still in good shape and for 3 euros/ brush I think they’re great.

    PS: We need either a special virtual chat or to grab a cup of coffee sometime/ go shopping together :))

    • Hair chalk should be fun. But I know it can be drying so don’t overuse it if you like it a lot:) I was thinking about zoeva brushes.. I like the set you showed. Very beautiful! But I heard that they are good but not as amazing as some state. I thought may be to order some single one I wanted to see. A friend of mine ordered few and some are good and one brush for eyes has good shape but not soft. So seems it depends. I don’t want to buy elf brushes. I had few and I threw them (from one hair feel, other was useless, didn’t pick up eyeshadows) and now I have two left. I guess I choose wrong ones:D One I want to substitute with something else (want with softer hair) and other is good for mineral foundations.. which I don’t have any more:D But I keep the brush hidden somewhere on my shelves:) I have few no name brushes, one real techniques (may be would order more but don’t want to pay 15 lei for delivery of 50 lei brush:D) and few essence brushes for face which are doing their job very good..even they look a little childish:D Oh,I remebered Ebelin from Dm has very good eyeshadow blending brush for 10 lei. Do you have it?:D My friend said that it became too big after she washed it few times but mine is still the same size and didn’t becoma fluffier. P.s. I guess now people chat on facebook or on skype or on phone application whatsup:D I like shopping and coffee so I guess we could do this:)

      • When I said special chat I meant that it would be fun if WordPress would have the option of a chat so that you don’t have to food people with comments. But yes, we could chat on FB.
        No, I don’t have Ebelin brushes, even though I’m interested in they’re brushes. I want a fan brush and I saw that the Ebelin one is 11 lei or something. I could try it.

        • Yeah, I had the same thought about worpress and chat..can u imagine? But I decided to write realistic variants:) I want that fan brush also!:)) If you try it let me know!

  4. Hi ! I am also a Romanian reader for your beautiful blog ! πŸ™‚ I tried Elmiplant Skinnergy with guava extract , but I have seen that my skin is not so hydrated as I wish ! Maybe the lotion with lychee is better , I will try it soon ! Indeed the smell is divine and natural !

    • I’m glad I have one more romanian reader! πŸ™‚ And thank you for compliment! I want to try with guava also..I thought they are pretty much the same as ingredients list start the same way. Or I watched badly:D May be your skin is drier than mine and you need some body butter? I loved body butter from Balea Kakao but they don’t sell it anymore and now you can find only with nuts scent which is nice but very powerful..not for everyone’s taste. I have in warm months slightly dry skin and I felt that this lotion works as I saw result on elbows and the back of my hand near shoulder.. you know,where sometimes people get such bumpy skin? It was more smooth and softer. In winter body butter helped me to get rid of that bumps totally. But this lotions helps also, not as butter but enough. May be the one I have it’s actually more nourishing than with guava? I guess you can try wih lychee also. At least can apply on legs in summer if it’s not nourishing enough for whole body:)

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