Easy make-up look for summer 2015. Tutorial.


How are you?

Today is a good day to show you a summer make-up tutorial. 🙂

I hope you will like it!

If you are going on a seaside this summer or on some crazy festival or may be you just hang out with your friends in the hot summer evening this tutorial will give you an idea how to look trendy, summerish and not to spend eternity in front of the mirror:)

Let’s start!

I already applied light foundation, concealer and eyebrow pencil. So prep your face and we are going to start right now!:)

tutorial summer makeup 2015

tutorial summer makeup 2015 2

Taupe-brown shade:  L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Mono Eyeshadow  in 106 Matte Breaking Nude.

tutorial summer makeup 2015 3

tutorial summer makeup 2015 4

tutorial summer makeup 2015 5

Mascara: L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga.

tutorial summer makeup 2015 7

tutorial summer makeup 2015 6

Nude Lipstick: Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in shade 378 Velvet Rose.

Did you like this tutorial? Do you like bright eyeliners?

Have a nice day!:)

P.S. This post was written for Loreal Paris Beauty Blogging School as a hometask:)

Vote for me please! Click the image below Anastasiia! First in second row, you will see my blog site under the name.

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8 thoughts on “Easy make-up look for summer 2015. Tutorial.

  1. I bet writing that step by step tutorial was a lot of work, wonderful job! I don’t have any bright eyeliners at the moment, but I might get some for summer 😀

    • Thank you very much!!!! Yes, it took some time.:D Even it’s so easy to do such makeup. But actually to make photos of each step when it’s hard to catch light shades is harder. As I don’t have remote control for camera and I couldn’t just sit and click..i needed all the time to take camera in hands. And natural light was changing all the time:D To write and make collages I liked more. I even skipped writing about bronzing (forgot) and I actually did. But even my blush is hardly seen on photos but I see it in reality. I don’t usually wear bright eyeliners…and I have 4 😀 Why? I don’t know.. I buy I try and then I stick to my dark liners. I have dark green, berry and violet which I applied over black one few times. It looks like black with a hint of other color. Once I asked my husband how does it look but he couldn’t detect the difference:D I saw it!:)) I bought this bright one from tutorial as I saw a photo of a girl with very alike liner on the cover of an advertisement magazine of a make-up store (you know like douglas have? you can see some products in it and offers.). And I already wore it twice..bought two weeks ago:D I want to try blue one but I guess I will use it as much as others:D Try from essence. All of my colorful pencils are from essence. I like them a lot. But take not Gel pencil but thinner one. Gel one is good but less comfortable to use. It’s soft and thick and it’s hard to sharpen on paper or with something else. 🙂

      • Ah yes, I know what you mean.. I only have a normal digital camera and find it so hard to make the eyeshadow colours appear true to their real colour on camera.
        But I also love editing the pictures! 🙂
        I prefer liquid liners 😀 I just find it more comfortable for me to use, it seems a bit easier.. and my eye lids are quite oily and small, so most pencil liners smear and smudge on me, sadly.
        I’ll have a look at the ones from essence, though! 🙂

        • Try one, at least they are not expensive. I read today post about bright liquid eyeliners from make up for ever. Veryyy beautiful and quite expensive. I think it’s a little bit pity to buy expensive eyeliner which you are not going to use very often. If you have bright eyeshadows you can try to draw with a wet brush. Also can be a variant to try.:)

          • Yes, I agree! I think that’s the great thing about inexpensive drugstore products – you can try out and experiment for a little price, and if you don’t like it, at least it wasn’t expensive 🙂
            I tried using eyeshadows as eyeliner! I loved how it looked but it smudged, too, although I used a primer :/

            • :/ Pity. I know cool thing from Inglot called Duraline, allows to make liquid eyeliner from any eyeshadow and pigment..but I guess for experimenting with some bright liner it’s easier to try some not very expensive one than to search for this product. Hard makeup decisions:D

              • That sounds like a good solution, but Inglot isn’t available here, sadly.
                Aaah, I actually went to dm today and stood right in front of the essence counter.. I looked at a few things but forgot to check out their colourful eyeliners 😀 😀 LOL

                • 😀 Happens to me so often. When I plan what to buy I come to store and even don’t look at what I wanted:D Don’;t forget to check next time. About duraline..I heard it’s a cool thing but it’s not available here in stores either…at least not in my city.

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