Velvet Rose from L’Oreal

Hi! How are you?

Today is a day for a lipstick review! 🙂

loreal color riche lipstick velvet rose

loreal color riche lipstick velvet rose 2

We are talking about Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in shade 378 Velvet Rose.

I got it few weeks ago and made photos so I remember to review it later.

Funny thing that today I received a packaging from Loreal Paris ( a kit from Beauty Blogging school) with the same lipstick. Same shade:) If I only knew.. I’d not buy it earlier:D Now I have two so I will give new one as a present to a friend.

Vote for me please! Click the image below Anastasiia! First in second row, you will see my blog site under the name.

Loreal Paris Beauty Blogging School


loreal color riche lipstick velvet rose swatch

+ Beautiful nude shade ( apricot with a hint of pink peach?, depending on type of light around you can look more beige-apricot or with a more of pink);

+ Not pale-dead-ill nude;

+ Creamy, not drying;

– Doesn’t last:/ It doesn’t disappear by itself, no no no. But it can’t survive a cup of coffee. Lipstick from middle of my lips just goes away….. and never comes back:) I advice you to blot before you eat or drink anything and better reapply when you finish. It won’t look very bad as it’s not bright lisptick. But still.. in comparison to other lipsticks I own this one just needs this small action.

-+ Smells like lipstick. Not nasty, not pleasant. Like some old lipsticks may be..not too old. Not powerful. I don’t feel it from lips, only when I actually put it under my nose but some people tell it smells unpleasant. Just so you smell it in store if you are sensitive to scents:)

Did you try this lipstick? Do you like Loreal lipsticks?

Have a nice day!:)

p.s.  I bought this lipstick by myself and even if I reviewed the same one but received for free my opinion wouldn’t change:) Don’t worry;)

6 thoughts on “Velvet Rose from L’Oreal

    • I don’t like beige lipsticks but this one has more “fresh” shade with hint of pink which makes is very wearable and not making you look pale. Good color definitely. If it was more lasting it would be an amazing lipstick. At least good it doesn’t dissappear by itself:D

    • Yes, you are right. But I know creamy lipstick which lasts much better – Maybelline Hydra extreme. I’m preparing post with two shades and swatches on lips. I can drink coffee and a little of it will go away (not as much as loreal) but I don’t need to take my lisptick out of my bag right after I made first sip and don’t need to blot just before a simple cup of coffee:)

  1. Such a pretty color! And it looks like it has a bit of shimmer (or is it just the light?). At least it’s not a dark shade so you don’t have to reapply lip liner every time it wipes off. Also, Good luck at the L’Oreal Beauty Blogging School!

    • No, it doesn’t have shimmer. It’s just not matte and on sun a little glossy finish start to sparkle like that:)
      And thank you!!!

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