Volume is my second name. Orofluido Volume Mousse

Hi!How are you?

Do you like volume as I do?


orofluido volume mousse 2

At the end of the previous month I bought this Volume Mousse from Orofluido. It looked very attractive.

I didn’t try Orofluido hair care but I have it on my wish list after some other hair care I want to try more:).

orofluido volume mousse ingredients

I decided to insert ingredients list as nowadays lots of people like to read them and search for bad things:)

If to search for good things you will find oils, panthenol, hydrolized silk, protein, wheat amino acids. Not bad for a mousse. I can’t tell whether everything works to improve your hair or not but I will believe that it does:D

“Delicious fragrance of Orofluido”  –  I have no idea how Orofluido oil smells but everyone says DIVINE!

This mousse has light, very pleasant warm scent. It won’t substitute your perfume and won’t fight with it:) But if you put hair near your nose..mmmm.. smells sooo good! but not powerful!!

orofluido mousse blog

My mousse story: I used to apply mousse all the time few years ago. I used drugstore ones and I liked them. Then I decided to stop using mousse for some reason.. I can’t even tell why:D Then I came back and then stopped again.and finally!!!! I decided I need serious mousse to help my volume stay better and use less of hairspray. If you have fine hair which just hangs down with no character.. you will understand me:D

So.. I got L’oreal professionnel mousse and.. It worth s separate post. I wasn’t not satisfied with it. I didn’t want to give up and  after few month I got Orofluido.

Orofluido Volume Mousse

+ not sticky (no sticky hands, sticky hair, hair stuck all together, etc,etc…nothing like that);

+ soft, pleasant on touch hair;

+ nice scent;

+ 300 ml;

+ adds shine;

+ doesn’t make hair greasier;

+ second day hair looks good;

+ helps to keep volume during the day (I don’t usually have problem if I use hairspray or it’s not a windy day).

You can make hairstyle using heat or without. I use hair dryer with no brush just to make my hair almost-almost dry  and give already a bit of volume. Then I put hair rollers and don’t apply heat any more. So I achieve volume because of rollers. But I tried to dry my hair and then style with a brush a little bit. I also had pretty good volume (enough for most of people) but not as much as I like to have.

May be I’d not be able to compare soo good effect with mousse and without if not two different super windy days.

I use hairspray also but if you read my stories you will understand that mousse was a key to success:)

Day 1: extra-super-windy day! My hair was flying up, to sides, back, to my face, all standing somewhere above my head:D

I thought I will have some ugly tangled limp hair when I come to cafe. But! No! I walked some time and then I went to cafe, shaked my head..and miracle! My hair looked so bouncy and full of volume!

Day 2: very windy day, but not super as day 1. I decided not to apply mousse and just style my hair as usual and go with hairspray. I went outside.. my hair was here and there and I came back home with a pretty good hairstyle but with no super volume I had.

Yes, of course, hairspray plays a big role but mousse helps my hair keep volume better, adds shine and my hair feel a little bit denser after styling. Hair lays better.

I could find only one review on this mousse (which was positive and contained one sentence:)). But I’m very glad I gave it a try.

I can’t tell how it will work for other types of hair. But if you have hair alike mine and you decide to get such I hope you’ll like it!:)

What styling products do you use? Did you try Orofluido hair care and styling products?

Have a nice day!:)


33 thoughts on “Volume is my second name. Orofluido Volume Mousse

    • Thank you! 🙂 I bought it from aoro.ro (do you know this site?) , it appeared there not long time ago. I found on official site it’s a new product from their orofluido range.

      • Yes, I know the site and I love it. I’m preparing to buy my very first Chloe from them. I smelled the perfume in Douglas, but I think it’s too expensive in the store.
        I might look into buying the product you reviewed even though I don’t really know how to use mousse.

  1. Yes, I know the site and I love it. I’m preparing to buy my very first Chloe from them. I smelled the perfume in Douglas, but I think it’s too expensive in the store.
    I might look into buying the product you reviewed even though I don’t really know how to use mousse.

    • Yeah, in stores prices are high. Some expensive one are just a little cheaper on aoro and some has really big difference in price. I ordered few perfumes from aoro, for my husband, presents for parents, some friends ordered from there. Never had any suspicion about them. Before I ordered first time I read confusing reviews on some old forums but now I think it’s a very good site. If you want some professional hair care they have super good prices. If to compare Goldwell shampoo in store cost 70-80 lei, aoro- around 34, schwarzkopf shampoo in store 55-60 lei, aoro-25-29, joico shampoo or conditioner in store 90-100 lei, aoro-55-60. Really big difference. Of course, you need to pay delivery but you can order with someone or even alone it’s anyway will be cheaper then in store.
      About mousse: You apply it on damp hair (not wet), you can apply only to root area or spread through all hair. what hair do you have? type, length? do you style it somehow? May be I can recommend some nice product for you to indulge yourself:)

      • About aoro site, I agree. Plus you have products that you can’t find in stores, like Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Rimmel Stay Blushed or Tangle Teezer.

        My hair is brown (I never had it colored), fine and pretty long (3/4 of my back – in 6 month I think it could reach my bottom). This is why right now I don’t have any volume.
        I use conditioner as a second step when I wash my hair, L’Oreal oil after, when it’s still damp. Also I use heat protection spray. Most of the time I let my hair air dry, but if I’m in a rush I will use a hairdryer.

        About styling: I use my straighter when my hair is unruly and I want to make it more straight or I will use it to curl my hair. Any suggestions? 🙂

        • Did you try Fit me concealer? I wanted to get it next month:)
          About hair products.. Orofluido foam also protects from heat, at least it says so on the bottle:) I don’t know whether it will influence on volume if to apply it and let it air dry without anything else ..may be if to put fingers in roots while they are drying and make some volume with fingers it will keep it then..I really never tried like that. Just will be pity if you get and then won’t use it:/ But may be you will like.. who knows:) It definitely doesn’t make hair sticky or crunchy like some styling products so I don’t think you won’t like to use it but I’m not sure what effect can be achieved on your hair. I really like this foam but don’t want to promise some magic:) If you have opportunity to try it, give it a try..and if you are more sure about some other product just leave this one for other time:)
          I tried Loreal Mythic Oil and everyone says that cheaper Loreal Oil is kinda the same. I liked it a lot at first but then not so much, it didn’t always give a right effect. I received small bottle of Moroccanoil after and this one was different and much better for my hair in long use but it’s super expensive:/ So not long time ago I bought (http://www.aoro.ro/goldwell/dualsenses-rich-repair-ser-pentru-par-uscat-si-fragil/) Goldwell Rich Repair 6 effects serum and I really like it. It’s not oil as Loreal but it has creamy consistency. It smells very nice, not powerful and really good for ends-length ( where you apply oil usually). I apply it on damp hair and the ends look good, feel soft (if they became dry) and the effect doesn’t dissappear next day, makes hair more smooth. I can recommend to try this products. I find it to be much better than Loreal oil I tried.
          p.s. where are you from exactly? if it’s not a secret:)

  2. I used to use styling products a lot (hair spray and foam), but I’ve become so lazy 😀 😀 Nowadays, all I do (if at all) is use hot rollers or a curling iron and that’s it, haha!

    • I think you are not lazy enough! Some people wash their hair, don’t use conditioner and then just make messy bun:D I like hair products so how can I skip:D Even I stopped using mousse for around two years I guess. But hairspry I use long time.. otherwise my fringe just falls in my eyes and my hair will be left with no hairstyle. May be if I had longer hair it would look better but on my length (and with my face) just hanging down hair is not a good look at all:D Unless I’m on the beach I guess:D

      • True, a fringe usually needs some fixing hairspray to stay put! 😀 I usually like my hair better when it’s got some volume which I can only achieve with that curling iron or hot rollers.. it can also look nice when it’s freshly washed, but that effect doesn’t stay for too long 😀 😀

  3. I have no idea why I can’t reply to your last comment so I’m going to write a new one 🙂
    About Fit Me Concealer: I have the shade 10 and I have mixed feelings about it. I have dry under eye skin so it creases on me. I have to be really, really careful when I apply it (takes about 10 min to do it right) and I’m too lazy for that. BUT if I didn’t have much sleep the night before I apply it in the inner corner of each eye and it should stay put. It works on blemishes too because it has great coverage. By the way it has a strong yellow undertone.

    About the L’Oreal hair oil it’s like you said: sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t because it feels too heavy. I may try the Goldwell Rich Repair 6 effects serum next time when I buy something from aoro.

    Right now I have the Nivea Styling Mousse and either I’m not using it right, either it’s not a great product. I feel that it leaves my hair a bit crunchy and a heavy, dirty feeling.

    Of course it’s not a secret: I’m from Romania, Timisoara. And you?

    • Not first time problem with comments, I have no idea why:/
      Oh, it’s good for me if fit me concealer works for blemishes. I don’t use some additionel products under eyes, only the same I use all over my face (usually light foundation, sometimes-just powder). And yellow undertone is for me:) Thank you for small review:) I think I will get it!
      About loreal oil..yeah and sometimes made hair drier and then they felt soft againO_o that’s why I realized I don’t like it anymore.
      Goldwell serum doesn’t weigh my hair down . I don’t apply much as I have medium length hair and pump allows you to get as much product as you need(not just full pump). There is also good leave-in product Schwarzkopf Mouisture kick spray-conditioner (around 29 lei on aoro). You can overdo with it if to spray too much but i not hair feel moisturized, soft and ends lay better also. But to use and spray and some leave-in oil or cream will be too much. I’d recommend to try Goldwell 6 effect serum first:) And if you do I hope you like it!:)
      I tried Nivea styling mousse. It does make hair a little harder I think but I don’t remeber any dirty feeling and I used that mousse long time really. It’s good sometimes if you have fine not very dense hair and want you style to last. But for example Loreal proffesionnel mousse I mentioned in post makes hair harder and while your hair damp it feels sticky, unplesant..beee, worse than drugstore products I tried:(
      Orofluido foam leaves hair soft, no crunchy feeling at al, not sticky,nothing like that.
      How do you apply Nivea mousse? May be too much or just too much in some particular area? Or may be this mousse became worse now?!
      p.s. I also live in Timisoara!:) Weather became so suddenly colder again:/ It was almost summer:D

      • I hope you’ll like the concealer. Let me know how you like it when you’ll try it. 🙂

        I tried the mousse two times so far (and last time I used this type of product was somewhere in high school but I didn’t like the feel and couldn’t be bothered to understand how to use it properly). I uses a pump of mousse (about the size of a tennis ball, I guess) and I just put it on my roots (on damp hair). Then I just comb my fingers through my hair dry it with a hairdryer. Am I suppose to rub it between my hands or place it on my roots just like that? God, I’m bad at styling my hair! 🙂

        Yes, weather sucks. It was a sudden change on Friday afternoon and I was so upset because I started running on Tuesday night and I was looking forward to go yesterday and today for a run but with this weather, no luck. I heard that tomorrow should be warm again. Fingers crossed! 😀

        • Seems today is not warm but sunny:) I will write when I get concealer. And about mousse, I guess you are doing it right. I put mousse in my hand and with other hand take pieces and apply to different sections of my head near root area(root+some length). And then spread a little all over hair with wide tooth comb or hands. I feel like that more comfortable to do than just throw all on head and spread.. I did like some time also:D But it feel like that can put too much in one area. So I think may just this Nivea mousse is not that good product anymore. And you are not bad in sytling:)

  4. Me again (in case you’re not sick of me, yet 😀 ).
    Today I tried again the mousse. I’m determined to find out how to work with it.
    From your previous comment I figured out that I wasn’t quite using the product as it’s meant to be used. I wasn’t using a comb to spread the product so I was having to much on one part of the hair and too little on other areas.
    Then I thought that I could watch a couple of videos on YouTube (visual always helps you understand better). I found this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr3zoLLMgtA. It actually works even on me! Of course the volume lasted only 2-3 hours on my hair (and because it’s a windy day). Not it’s not that much volum, but I’m still happy with my hairstyle. It looks so much put together and just flat stuck to my scalp 😀
    Now I don’t blame the mousse. It’s not bad and it’s not sticky. Thanks for encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone (my side braid or straight hair).
    Have a great day!

  5. Right now I’m trying to use up one that I won’t repurchase. It’s the Batiste for dark & deep brown. I don’t really like it. I have 1/4 left and it’s starting to leak a bit when you push the spray button. It gives texture to hair and it makes it to look a bit cleaner, but it also makes your fingers a bit brown because you rub it in your roots.
    The worst part is that if I use it for example today, I know I’ll have to wash my hair for the next day.
    I would recommend to buy the Batiste Tropical or Original.
    The Original one smells OK and it performs well. Don’t overdo it.
    The Tropical one is my favorite. It smells so goooooood! Like coconut. It performs awesome, but be careful: if you have hair that is too dirty, there’s no saving it.

    • Thank you! I will try tropical:) Too dirty hair is not for me. I hate dirty hair feeling. I wash my hair in time but sometimes my second day hair is fluffy and looks fresh and other time flat that’s why I decided to try dry shampoos.

  6. Thanks for the review! This is super helpful. I myself am a beauty blogger and quite a big fan of the Orofluido brand, however I haven’t tried the styling mousse yet (just the shampoo and conditioner). Maybe I should give it a try sometime soon.

    • I’m very glad this review was helpful to you!:) Thank you!
      I didn’t try shampoo+conditioner, but I’d like some time. I like this mousse a lot and planning to try hairspray also:)

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