Oooh, soooo glow…


Do you like to glow?

Are you  a highlighter addict? Do you own Essence Soo glow? No? Why?!!! 🙂

essence soo glow highlighter blog

essence soo glow highlighter blog 1

Essence Soo Glow is a cream to powder highlighter. There are two shades:  white-pearl-golden and pink-pearl. It feels creamy at first but dries to powder. It’s easy to apply and blend it with your finger (or someone’s else 🙂 ).

I have white one which is  10 Look on the bright sideessence soo glow highlighter blog ingredients

As it’s a cream product I apply it over foundation on the high point of the cheekbone and then I try to avoid that area with powder to get more glow.

As I told you before on my blog I don’t think that highlighter is a necessary item in your make-up kit. It’s a toy. Unless you do a lot of photoshoots or make-up for them. Lots of people love it in an everyday use just because it’s a special detail 🙂 If you are interested why do I think so, look for Make-up products you can live without in a search of my blog:)

essence soo glow highlighter blog 2

Soo Glow highlighter is a very nice make-up product but you should be careful with it.

Yes, it gives a nice glow to your face BUT only in the natural light, dim light, in the shadow. In such conditions you will see pearl glow on your cheeks. In direct sunlight,  under bright lights in stores (like makeup corners or this terrible “natural” light lamps) you will see shimmer.  Most of highlighters work the same in different lights. There are not a lot of really subtle daytime highlighters which will give NATURAL SKIN GLOW in direct sunlight.

If you like sparkling – no worries, if you don’t – take that into account.  Leave it for evenings, cloudy days or don’t overuse it in the daytime.

essence soo glow highlighter swatches

essence soo glow highlighter swatches2

Packaging is plastic but doesnt feel cheap or childish. Just simple.

This highlighter is very affordable (~3,40 euros)  so you shouldn’t worry about spending too much on unnecessary item.

If you are a highlighter-addict you need it in your life!

So go and indulge yourself!:)

Do you like it? Do you own it?  Do you collect highlighters or any other make-up items?

Have a nice day!:)



9 thoughts on “Oooh, soooo glow…

    • Thank you! May be I will post some look soon:) I’m just lazy to take photos of myself before going somewhere. I usually don’t do make-up looks just for a post.
      I think powder highlighter is easier to use. You should try one and see whether you like it or not 🙂 Some bloggers are highlighter-addicts.. I saw some post with over 7-8 highlighters, which is a lot!!

    • Also powder highlighter you can use as eyeshadow in any make-up. I use TheBalm mary-lou now as eyeshadow a lot. It’s pretty champagne color, not too yellow or white:) And it doesn’t crease.

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