My preeeecious. + info for romanians:)

Hi! How are you?

A week and a half ago I got two new pairs of earrings:)

I made some photos and decided to share with you.

I don’t know when actually such earrings appeared. I saw double earrings before but with balls is something popular now.   The idea is not new in general as some may think:)

They became popular because of  celebrities wearing Mise En Dior Tribal. Now you can find on internet lots of different colors and styles of such double earrings. If you don’t want to spend $290 (I found also $645 price … crazy?)  for Dior I will tell you “Good idea!”. You can buy Dior one if you can afford it..Of course, why not. But from my current point of view ( How cool I put it:D) there is no sense to spend such amount of money on  “Dior” engraved at the base of your earring. It’s not gemstones with precious metals.

double earrings

double earrings1

Information for those who live in Romania and interested in such earrings: I ordered them from B&B collection.

If you have stores Be in time, Splendor or B&B collection you can probably find such earring there. I didn’t see in our mall. May be they didn’t bring them to all stores.

There are few double earrings on their site: black, green, red and silvery-pearly. They are made from silver and synthetic pearl (which is not actual pearl:)).

Review on online store&delivery:


White pearl 24,99 lei (size 8*12mm).

Pearl with gold 39.99 (I don’t see this one online anymore) (8*16mm).

Earrings came in small plactic bags (like the one you buy different beads in) with a model number and price tag. This small bag with earrings was packaged in a nice white carboard box with a beautiful glossy heart on it (I didn’t make picture of it). Earrings were packaged separately. Then this boxes where packed in  a bubble wrap and then in a quite huge box:D


~ very pretty cute boxes with earrings;

~ very good packaged;

~ fast delivery;

~ delivery was just 11 lei.


I needed to fix one earring. :/ Silver base fell of the pearl.:/

I glued it back (with picatura glue). There is a return policy and I could return it but the price was not high (earring in accesorize store cost more usually) and it wasn’t broken badly so it was easier to fix them then to send back. 🙂

double earrings3

Do you like such earrings? Maybe you have few already?!:)

I especially like the one with golden ball. ^_^

Have a nice day!:)


2 thoughts on “My preeeecious. + info for romanians:)

  1. Firstly, I love the title. 😀
    And the photos as well as the backround story concerning the earrings are amazing. 🙂

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