Snack time


What do you usually  eat as a snack? Here is an option from me. 🙂

snack time 1

What do we need?

~ Bread (better some dark one);

~ Avocado;

~ Lemon;

~ Salt;

~ Olive paste from green or black olives (I think paste from black olives is a little tastier:) ).

Making avocado paste:

1. Peel and cut avocado in small pieces.

2. You can use blender to make a paste or if you like to have pieces of avocado just use a fork (as I do).

3. Add lemon juice from a  one or two slices of lemon and add a little bit of salt.

4. Mix, put on bread.. Enjoy!:)

I store such paste for few days (usually three) in a closed glass-jar.

I didn’t make olive paste I just bought it. I can store such paste longer.

You can make it by yourself. Just make a paste (better smooth without pieces) from olives (black or green). You can add salt if it’s not salty enough. It will be a little healthier than already made paste.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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