Dress you can’t go wrong with. Sheath dress


Note: I don’t tell anyone what to wear or not to wear. If you don’t like classic style, feminine style just skip this post. It’s going to be about  DRESSes.

If you like classic style, feminine dresses… Continue reading and leave your comments under post:)


Sheath dress is a very beautiful type of dress, which fits close to your body and shows feminine lines but it doesn’t stick to you like second skin.. like usual bodycon dresses do.


If you like feminine classic style you probably own at least one such dress.

I think it’s very universal dress for different sizes, ages (from young women to old), occasions. I believe you can’t go wrong with a sheath dress. But you can go wrong with color/pattern/print and details on it.

Sheath dress usually ends in the middle of the knees, ~5 cm higher knees or lower knees but not too much:)

If you don’t own dresses but you want to start with something.. start with sheath dress!

Interview, work, cinema, cafe, date, friend’s wedding.. Sheath dress! You can’t go wrong! Whether you are 23, 30 or 45 (or more).

If you are 16-17 you can still wear such dress but need to choose more interesting colors/patterns and models..which will make you look lovely but not stylish in a 25yearsold-way.

Some colorful summer-spring examples and few calm ones.


Everyone else can go more “serious” or superstylish:)

Very classy examples.  Some may look too strict or boring (sometimes we need that). But your whole look depends not only on the dress.


examples sheath dress


Third photo illustrates how chic you can look in such dress without looking like you are a top manager of some company or president’s wife:)


Third photo -feminine, classic, sexy.

Fourth photo – still the same dress style but notice how different it looks from others. This one will definitely look good on 17 y.o. girl:)

 You can notice that dresses are similar in some way but different at the same time.






Black and white.. so classic. Let’s move on to something more colorful:)

red colorful1


More colors..:)


Floral nd other patterns/prints

flower[attern dress

Fifth photo – feminine and very simple look. Perfect for summer.

sheath dress


You definitely can wear this on some event and special occasion.

Did I convince you already?


I think I told something about different sizes.

differen women sheath dress different women sheath dress sheath dress plus size

If you have quite a big size you need to be a little bit more careful with type of fabric and choosing right size as it shouldn’t suddenly become bodycon slim fit dress. Actually anyone should remeber this. Some materials can lay even on quite fit body not the best way even if the type of dress suits you.

 Do you like to wear dresses? What do you think about this post?

Have a nice day! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Dress you can’t go wrong with. Sheath dress

    • I think it’s just perfect for eveyone who likes classic style or want to try it. It can look so differently but alway will emphasize our femininity 🙂
      I was thinking about this post for some time and finally I gathered all my forces ( ha ha:D ) and picked loooots of pictures with nice dresses so I can make collages which will show how you can dress classy without looking boring:)

  1. Ohh, these look lovely, very classy indeed! I can’t wear “middle length” dresses, though, as my legs are quite strong. I have to go either short (mini) or maxi 🙂

    • And 5 cm higher than knees is ok? Or it’s still middle for you? I have a friend she has quite big legs and she looks good in dress which is above her knees. And strong legs are beautiful. I didn’t see your legs but looking at part of you on photos hard to imagine you have legs which will look not good in some length:)

      • Aww, thank you :’) Well, compared to my upper body, my legs look stronger..
        5 cm above the knee? That’s better than knee-length or right under the knee, yeah (at least for my legs!).
        I’ve been thinking about doing outfit posts occasionally.. maybe I’ll include some dresses then! 😀

        • Why not? I’d like to see such posts!:)
          I don’t like right under knee length also. And about 5 cm.. May be a little more:D Just look at 4 fingers on your hand ..like that many cm:D Still not real mini but flirty and pretty modest at the same time:D

  2. Though I mostly wear swing Dresses (or skirts), I like These just as well. And your right, everybody can wear these and will look great (if Chosen the right colour/pattern). Especially, I like grey ones and those with bird/flower paterns. 🙂
    Lovely post!

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