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What time is it now? Time for TheBalm!

thebalm face products3

thebalm face products4

TheBalm Frat Boy Blush

So many men, so little time…

I mentioned this blush in my post Current Make-up favorites. It’s a gorgeous blush, which looks the same on skin as in a box. Peachy-pink. The one minus I can find is that blush is dusty. But I can’t really call this a big minus. I just stick my brush in a pan and dust it a little because it’s very pigmented.  It gives very natural color on my cheeks. I think it will suit all  “warm” girls:)

thebalm mary lou 2

thebalm mary lou

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter and eyeshadow 

It’s beautiful champagne color highlighter! In direct sunlight you can see not only glow but also separate shimmer particles but in a shadow and when there are clouds you can see just pearl-champagne glow. I apply it only on the top of my cheekbones. I don’t apply it on my chin/nose/forehead as I don’t want to sparkle in the day as it has shimmer and not just pure glow (even shimmer is not very noticeble unless you look under sunlight or bright artificial light (like in make-up corners)). I think you can apply more for the club or evening look or date in cafe with dim-light. You will look glowy not sparkly:).

As eyeshadow it’s also a wonderful product! I started to use it often now. I apply it on the half of my eyelid or a little less. It doesn’t crease and makes eyes look brighter.

Do you like TheBalm? What are your favorite highlighter and blush?

Have a nice day!:)


12 thoughts on “TheBalmMania

  1. I love thebalm 🙂 Most of their products are a little powdery but I don’t mind either cause they are pigmented and really pretty 🙂 Great review!

      • LOL we have the same problem then. They are allll so pretty that I can’t decide either. I’m hoping Hautelook has a flash sale soon so I can get a few at half price!

        • If to buy half price I’d get few also:D I hope you will share when you buy them. May be it will help me.. lots of swatches on internet just useless because every shade seems to be very pretty:)

    • Definitely, very refreshing shades for face! I didn’t hear about TheBalm untill I started to read beauty-blogs and then I saw it in one store and decided to try also:)

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