I’m not satisfied with…

Hi! How are you?

I decided to write “not satisfied post” and may be I will make some more like this. I don’t write about dissappointing products as I throw them away and forget but I still remember about several:D

rimmel wake me up foundation

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

+ Smells pleasant;

+ Easy to apply – creamy;

+ Nice packaging/has pump;

+ Has variety of yellow-based shades (for me plus);

+ SPF 15;

For me that’s all.

I read 1000+ good reviews on this foundation and when I needed budget-friendly  not tooo matte foundation in summer as I got tan I decided to give it a try. I guess that for not sunny winter and not oily skin this foundation will suit.. I guess so.

I tried it in summer and I don’t have a wish for now to search for the lightest shade to match me now.

1. Radiant glow.. Yes, it gives glowy finish if you look at your face in the shade but when you look in direct sunlight.. Oh, it’s not glow.. I see very obvious silver-white particles sparkling on my face..Whole sparkling face!!

At first I thought I will have this glowy tanned face but.. in summer when sun is so bright..Noooo!

rimmel wake me up foundation1

2. As I said it’s creamy and has very pleasant texture but.BUT! My face feels very sticky after I applied this foundation. I tried to use a powder over it.. still sticky. When I applied foundation on my hand for swatches it wasn’t sticky..but on face it is. :/ And  it makes me feel like I have greasy sticky face :/

Now you can see why I’m not satisfied with this foundation. The only idea which came to my mind is to mix it with something else. May be it won’t sparkle so much on sun and will feel better on skin.

Did you try Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation? What do you think about it?

Have a nice day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m not satisfied with…

  1. Awe, I don’t like sticky feeling foundations either. This is a great post idea! I’m like you… if I don’t like something it usually goes back to the store as a return or I throw it away if I can’t return it so it’s hard to do “products I regret.” But this is a great way to still share what doesn’t work!

    • I think that “products I regret” are very helpul posts. I just don’t like wiriting such:D
      Sometime lots of people don’t like some product and they don’t write about and you are searching for reviews. Or you can find only promo-adv posts but can’t find simple one..usually or people didn’t try or didn’t like and decided not to mention. Especially helpful “regret” posts about expensive make-up, face and hair treatments.

  2. Hey 🙂

    First off, I really like the idea of ‘product’s I’m not satisfied with’.
    Secondly: I’ve read 1000+ good reviews about this foundation so to find yours was mind blowing to me. You do make some great points and it’s really weird how other people didn’t notice that. :/

    Thank you for this review, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a bit of a different perspective on this foundation now. 🙂


    • Thank you for such a nice comment! It’s very confusing when I found only good reviews and heard some bloggers raving about this drugstore foundation and then I buy it and don’t understand is it only me who didnt like it? Of course people have different tastes but I think that sometimes people write reviews in some magical state ” I heard it’s good now I believe it’s good so I will write a good review also” or wearing foundation for 10 minutes and then writing review. Of course you never know.. may be you will try it and like it. I’m sure someone adores some product everyone hates:)

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