TheBalm Cocoa my coconut

Hi! How are you?

It’s time for a small review:)

The hero of this post is TheBalm Plump Your Pucker in Cocoa My Coconut.

Funny shade name:)

thebalm cocoa my coconut plump

thebalm cocoa my coconut

~ nude shade milky-beige(not too beige);

~ makes your lips look lighter but doesn’t make them totally pale-dead (don’t like such effect);

~ has cooling effect and not just first few minutes (you can feel cooling effect for long time); I like

~smells with cocoa, strong smell from bottle but I don’t feel it when it’s on my lips;

~ quite thick texture, not very easy to apply;

~ if you want to make thicker layer you need to spend some time to make color uniform on your lips;

~ you need to have smooth lips to apply this gloss as it sticks to dry flakes and makes them  visible (this moment surprised me as I took it after a good review of a good girl and she said it goes so may be something wrong with my gloss?);

~ not sticky (wonderful!!!);

~ lips feel soft when you wipe it (doesn’t dry and makes softer but still can’t apply on dry lips);

~ long-lasting (stays until I eat or wipe it);

~ perfect shade for smokey eyes/everyday makeup/work/studies,etc.:);

~ price is ok (Bourjois and Artdeco glosses cost the same here);

As you can see there are pluses and minuses. Would you  buy it?

 Do you own any products from TheBalm? Some lipgloss? Or may be even Plump my pucker one?:)

Have a nice day!:)


4 thoughts on “TheBalm Cocoa my coconut

        • Mine is thicker than artdeco gloss. I have not expensive Eveline..alike Thebalm, also not very liquidy (i don’t know right word:)). I don’t think it’s old as I waited long time till they bring it in store and finally they brought this shade. May be during trasportation was different temperature? who knows. I couldn’t find on internet good photos to see texture but I found other review like mine..that it’s not so easy to apply uniform when you want more color than one thin layer. May be depends on shade?

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