Coffee candle friend


Do you remember my DIY Coffee candle? (if not click diy coffee candle tag on the left) πŸ™‚

I made new one but a little bit more decorated.

coffee candle blog1

coffee candle blog22

coffee candle blog33

Do you like? Or previous one is better?:)

Do you like photos?

If you posted any DIYs on your blog recently you can comment me with a link!

Have a nice day!:)


9 thoughts on “Coffee candle friend

    • Thank you!!! πŸ™‚
      If you go to Handmade section you will find alike candle..a little bit less decorated. I wrote what I used to make it. I didn’t do anything special..just bought plain yougurt in such glass jar and then used it to make candle. You glue rope first and then glue whatever you want on it:) Ribbons around I didn’t glue. It’s very easy, takes around 15 minutes and then you put coffee beans inside (not full jar) and place small candle in metal inside (I have photo how it looks from up) and you have very pretty candle:) If you need any advice write me:) p.s. don’t take narrow jar..won’t look very pretty I think:)

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