DIY: Cozy candle


I decided to show you my candle support (is there some proper word in english?) I made myself.

It took me around 10 minutes in total.  5 min for warming glue gun. Ok..may be 15 🙂

diy coffee candle blog

What do we need to make this pretty candle with cosy light? 🙂

Definitely, we need a glass jar. Mine is  from a plain yougurt, 350 gr. You can take smaller or bigger jar.. or like mine.

diy coffee candle blog2DIY COFFEE CANDLE 1

Star anise: You can skip if you don’t have it. I bought a pack of this stars later so I’m going to use it for my second coffee candle.

Ribbons: You can choose different colors and types. Red with green will look very christmasy:)

Glue gun: If you don’t own glue gun you can use just glue (the one for different surfaces).

Coffee beans: It doesn’t matter what coffee do you use. You can buy the cheapest one just for this DIY if you don’t drink coffee/don’t buy beans/buy expensive coffee and don’t want to waste it. Good coffee will smell better but in some time it will loose its powerfull smell anyway.

Jute natural rope, candle, cinnamon sticks are necessary for this DIY.

Of course, you can stick pencils or brushes in the coffee and not’s up to you:)

Cool option:  You can cut orange peels in thin strips, dry them and mix with coffee beans!

coffee candle diy blog2

blog diy coffee candle3

Sophie helped me with candle photosession:D

Did you like this DIY post? Do you like how this coffee candle looks?

Have a nice day!:)


9 thoughts on “DIY: Cozy candle

    • Thank you!! I bought the same yougurt again for a new candle:) May be if I eat a lot of yougurt I can make a lot of presents:D

    • Thank you!
      It does a little but notaround as coffee beans don’t smell on big distance:) May be if candle could somehow heat coffee it would smell like coffee around. Or you can put some scented candle.

      I told Sophie to prepare for photosession:D

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