Kawaii Box review. Cute surprises


Today is a day for an unusual review! 🙂

 Just today I received a box of cuteness from Kawaii Box. I couldn’t wait and decided to publish my review the same day!

Kawaii Box is he Cutest Monthly Kawaii Subscription Service.

kawaii box review1

The first thing I saw on the box was a drawing of PANDA!:)

Let’s open the box…kawaii box unboxing review

Cat holding a present with love..Mmmm. They felt I’m a cat-lover:D

Nice card, pink paper.. This box already makes your mood better!

So what is under pink paper?


kawaii box inside

kawaii box review 2

So what did I receive?

~ Short socks

~ Keyring “OMG”

~ Keyring Pusheen the Cat

~ Keyring Cake

~ Zipper bracelet

~ Little sheep mini calender

~ Puffy stickers with panda

~ Tiny stikers – removable adhesive paper

~ Bud silk stationery stickers

~ Pocky –  biscuit sticks coated with chocolate flavor confectionery

kawaii box review 3

I won’t describe every item as you can see them very good:)

Pusheen already sits on my shelf with make-up:D

Bud silk stationery stickers (looooong name) is a cool thing for presents, cards, postcrossing. Definitely going to use it!

kawaii box calender

This Sheep calender is my favorite item from this box. And this sheep stays on feet:) Every month sheep has different face expression. Very cute sheep..I don’t know what else to add.kawaii box blog review

My least favorite items  are  a zipper bracelet and a cake keyring.  Cake feels a little like hard rubber and looks pretty.. I’d like it more if I was still in school:D I’m a little too big for such keyring and this keyring is too big for my keys. But If I were younger-younger I could attach it to my school backpack or pencil bag or just put somewhere.. When I was small I used to collect lots of stuff:D I loved stationery, keyring toys, etc.etc.etc:)

And zipper bracelet.. Sorry, bracelet ..I dress a little differently:D But I will present this two items to someone smaller.

For other stuff I don’t feel too old:D

Did you like Kawaii Box? Do you like cute things or you feel “too old for this ****” ? Does your kids like such stuff (if you have kids)? 🙂

Have a nice day!

Note:  “Too old for this ….” is a quote from a movie. 


3 thoughts on “Kawaii Box review. Cute surprises

  1. Первый раз такое вижу, наверно потому что не особо интересуюсь такими милыми вещами. Ты сама это заказывала или кто-то прислал? Интересная штучка, но на любителя. Мне из всего, что тебе пришло пригодились бы только тесемка и календарь. А так, конечно очень мило)))

    • Есть коробки с едой даже) Такую увидела в каком-то блоге и мне стало интересно, а потом сайт мне прислал ее. Вот сегодня забрала. А носки не пригодились бы?)))
      Тесемку,кстати,можно приклеить,это аля кружевной скотч..не знаю,как по-другому описать.

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