Gerocossen Capilar+ Treatment shampoo


Time for a short review.

Gerocossen Capilar+ Sampon Tratamen Impotriva Caderii Parului.

Gerocossen Treatment shampoo against hair loss.

gerocossen capilar

There are several products in this line: shampoo, conditioner and spray. I used shampoo and then I bought spray (when I almost finished shampoo). 🙂

Gerocossen is Romanian brand of face and hair care products.

This shampoo should fortify roots,improve blood microcirculation and favor hair growth.

+ It doesn’t dry your hair;

+ Cleans hair good but quite gentle;

+ I think it really helps with seasonal hairfall. I noticed less hair around and on my brush and more small baby hair on my head (I didn’t notice faster hair growth);

+ This shampoo can be used as your usual shampoo (which should bring you only positive changes).

Note: Shampoo is not enough for a treament of serious hair loss!

Have a nice day!:)

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