Autumn lipsticks. Brights and nudes.


How are you?

I even don’t know why I called this post autumn lipsticks… You can wear all lipsticks any time of the year:) But now it’s autumn so let it be:D

superhero autumn lipsticks

autumn lipsticks 22

Not all people are crazy about berry/dark red/plum colors in autumn. Some prefer nudes for any time of the year that’s why I decided to include good options for everyone.

Nude shades..are never-never  shades of foundation. All this pale beige-foundation lips are not nude shades. Nude  is naked, so nude lipstick is a lipstick which is alike your natural lip color. Or the one which looks like natural. Your lips but better. 


Essence long-lasting lipstick 07 Natural Beauty – very nice dusty pink shade. I should say that it looks different on different lips (as any lipstick). I watched photos of other people and it looks totally different from they way it looks on me. Lipstick is very pleasant, quite creamy, long-lasting. Some people complain that it dries their lips (remember if you decide to buy it). It doesn’t dry mine but I feel a litttttttttttle dry after several hours but nothing to complain about.  Big plus – it’s far far far far from expensive:)

Rimmel Kate 107 – gorgeous deep red. On some people it looks more pink or with some hint of violet. On me it looks like fantastic dark red. Long-lasting, matte, not expensive, easy to apply. Love it!

Rimmel Moisture Renew 180 Vintage Pink – mauve-pink-dusty-rose shade:D I’m bad at naming shades:D  You can see my post about this lipstick here –>The best autumn lipstick. Note: The new version of this lipsticks are different, they are more creamy, not long-lasting and you will eat-drink it all with one cup of tea/coffee.

Rimmel 120 Cutting edge – I have make-up post with this lipstick here —> Bright lips vs Nude lips make-up. Long-lasting, smells wonderful, doesn’t dry lips,good price.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain 001 Honey Douce – make-up post with this stain here—>Wings and honey. Very long-lasting, toothpaste scent, shiny finish. This one looks different on me all the time. When my lips is bright after drinking cofee-tea this balm will look bright and far from nude, when I just finished make-up and my lips are pretty pale I get nude peachy-pink shade:)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain 005 Crush – make-up look with this balm stain here—> Party-Holiday make-up look. Classy style 

p.s. I include only lipsticks I like (not just because of shades). 

autumn lipstick swatches1autumn lipstick and swatch

Did you try any of this lipsticks? Do you prefer dark shades over nude in autumn or you are nude girl all year round?

Have a nice day!


5 thoughts on “Autumn lipsticks. Brights and nudes.

    • Lots of girls want to look more mysterious or femme fatale in cold seasons:) I just went fo a walk with 107. It looks amazing! It’s matte so it doesn’t scream from lips “look at me!!!!!”:)) If you don’t have it and you like matte you should definitely get it! 120 is gorgeous but this one attract even more attention as it’s very deep interesting shade and has a little shiny finish.

    • I don’t own purely beige nudes as they don’t suit me. I look ill with such shades..I need something pinkier. It depends on your apperance what nude shade suits you better 🙂 That’s why there are 1000+ options in stores:) Do you know some different deep red you can recommend me?

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