6 Hair advice you are sick of


Today is not typical post for this blog. May be I will write a series of such posts if this one seems fun:)

I’m sure most of people who read this blog are interested in beauty and all of you read 10+ the same advice in posts of articles, which you are already bored with.:)

Here is 10 Hair advice you are tired of:

( Emma definitely didn’t read blogs..she is not only keeeping shampoo for too long,  she is also rubbing all hair together:D  😀 😀 )

`1. Don’t wash your hair too often. 

What is too often? I accept the only one right rule !Wash your head when it’s needed!. Why washing head often is harmful but keeping your skin clogged with fat+dust+styling products+whoknowswhatfromstreet is healthy?

2. Don’t apply heat to your hair. Forget about straightener,etc,etc.

You read this in some post and instantly turned off your straightener.

3.  If your hair is dry you should make oil masks. Oils are your best friends.

Sounds so universal… Not all oils can penetrate hair, just few. Other oils can make your hair shiny and can influence on cuticle but it can’t be repaired anyway. Some oils are hard to wash. All effect will be gone while you are trying to wash that oil from your head and hair. Oils not always suit for colored hair (wash away ash tones from blonde, some oils can color blonde, oils wash away color faster). Oils can nourish one hair and dry other.

4.  Natural hair color is the best, you shouldn’t tourture your hair by dying it.

If someone afraid to change or in love with their hair color it doesn’t mean they should make others do the same thing. Bleaching damages hair..it’s true. But there are a lot of very gentle ways to change your hair color to deeper, darker or little lighter shades. Such lectures “how awful is hair dye” you can find mostly in blog of people who never ever tried it.

5. Don’t brush/comb/touch wet hair.

It’s totally ok to use wide-tooth comb on wet or damp hair.

6. Don’t apply conditioner-mask to the roots of your hair.

I get it.. but you probably didn’t have short hair ever:D

What beauty or hair advice you see everywhere and you are tired of? 

Have a nice day!


8 thoughts on “6 Hair advice you are sick of

    • So true. There are lots of advice I read all the time ..all the same, nothing new. Some of them doesn’t make sense at all:D My “favorite” is first one and other variant of it “how to teach your head so you can wash it less”… then will be how to teach your face, your body..then why to wash in general:D

  1. Hope there will be more like this. It’s quite amusing. 😀 And I literally heard every single sentence at least at 100 times. And you’re often told these by persons who don’t even follow these rules themselves. 😀
    From which movie did you take the pic? Easy A?

    • So true:D Probably you heard 100 times and read 1000 more:D and I’m glad you liked! I will try to make more posts like this.
      Yes, this pic is from Easy A. Very cool movie!!!:)

    • Thank you:)
      Yeah, I have no idea how to condition short hair, even bob just on ends.. it would mean to apply like a dot of conditioner:D all hair actually stuck to your scalp and you don’t have any hanging part.. what are they talking about..not apply on scalp:D:D:D

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