Autumn pink

Hi! How are you?
I didn’t post anything for some time.. Did anyone miss me?:D

Today we have …NAILS:)

I got this pink nail polish almost for free and it looks perfect for several days. Amazing:)

pink nails

What nail polish color do you prefer to see on your nails this days?

Have a nice day!



11 thoughts on “Autumn pink

    • Thank you! Bloody-red sounds autumny:) I had one nail polish of such color but it’s not lon-lasting..I need to get new one. Which one do you have? From which brand?

    • Thank you very much! I applied a little bit of shimmer on half of nails separately to make manicure not so boring:)

    • Thank you! IThere are many different pinks, i think pig pinks some people don’t like most:)
      Half glitter is a good idea when you are bored with simple color but you don’t want too much of decoration:)

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