This Or That Beauty Tag


I took an idea from Bhavini from beautypuzzled who already has a post with this tag.

I hope you like it I tried to make everything very visual;)


 Blush or Bronzer?


Definitely, BLUSH! I wrote in one of my posts that bronzing powder is not an important product and I still think so.

Lipgloss or Lipstick?


I didn’t like lipsticks before but now my answer is LIPSTICK:) I own only one lip gloss for now and you can see it on this photo.

 Chapstick or Lip butter?


Lip balm! Easier to use.

Matt or sparkle eye shadow?

Satin:)  I’m not a fan of big glitter but I like sparkly eyeshadows.

Pressed or loose shadows?


Obviously, pressed! I don’t like mess all over my table, t-shirt, etc…. while you try to apply loose eyeshadows:D Especially dark one.. I had dark one:)

 Gel, liquid, cream or pencil eye liner?


Pencil eyeliner! I like to draw simple line without a wing and a pencil is the best for this:)

Foundation or concealer?


Foundation! I can’t imagine myself applying just concealer O_o It’s something strange for me. I don’t use concealer in general but I have one..Just to have probably:D I don’t try to cover everything 100%.

Liquid or powder foundation?

Liquid. When I was younger/smaller I used just powder but now I prefer to use liquid foundation. Also I like mineral powder foundations but my answer doens’t change for now.

Neutral or statement eye?


Something in between:)

Waterproof or non waterproof mascara?

Non waterproof! Waterproof is hard to remove and I usually don’t cry in public:D

Brushes, Sponges or fingers?


Depends. Foundation – fingers 90% f time, 10% -sponge, powder – brush.

Powder, cream or liquid highlighters?


I own only powder one. I didn’t try any liquid highlighter but  it feels right to apply powder over powder and cream over cream. And as I set foundation with powder I use powder products after:)

Did you like this tag? I will be glad if anyone who read this will make this tag also:) Let me know if you do.

Have a nice day!




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