Latest favorites: hair, face, body.


How are you?

I came back to my blog with a new beauty-post:) I hope you will like it! Let me know;)

favorite products1_1

Make-up and lip care

favorite products2

Too faced Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow Palette – I got this palette in the middle of July and I can’t stop using it. I used it every day on my vacation and only one time I applied different eyeshadows:). Wonderful shades for me. Browns are too boring:D

Nivea Fruity Shine Peach – Pleasant balm. Smells like peaches. Gives peachy sheer color to your lips (Wonderful!). I like it a lot!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Lip Balm – After a trip back by bus my lips were extremely dry and nothing helped. I didn’t have my super-balm with me and EOS didn’t help me at all. So I bought Palmer’s balm and I’m very glad I did. Smells pleasant and actually works! It helped my very dehydrated lips. (Yes,yes..I was drinking water but it didn’t help to improve dehydrated situation).

Hair care and styling

favorite products3

TIGI Small Talk – Styling cream. Smells sweet but not too sweet:) You need just a small amount of the cream to make your hair shinier,to protect from high temperatures, smooth and also add some more body and volume during styling (nothing super WOW but still..good effect:)). I’m going to make a separate review with ingredient list if someone is interested.

L’oreal Elseve Arginine Resist Light Shampoo – Nice raspberry packaging. Shampoo is transparent but at first I thought it has this beautiful berry color:). Smells very pleasant. Cleans hair very good. Doesn’t contain silicones. Doesn’t dry hair. Doesn’t tangle hair to a crazy bird nest. I use all shampoos with conditioner so I have no idea how hair feels just after shampoo. I have no idea whether this shampoo makes your hair stronger or not. I like this shampoo for my hair and it smells very nice:)

Body care

favorite products4

favorite products5

Sun Dance Apres Lotion (DM) – I’m on my second bottle of this after sun lotion. I used it as after sun lotion and simply as body moisturizer  ( no sun:D ). It absorbs very fast, leaves skin soft, smooth and moisturized. It makes the area between shoulder and elbow very smooth and sometimes skin there feels not very pleasant. (Who else have that problem sometimes?Or it’s just me?). One minus is the way it smells. It’s not frangranced and it smells simply with a hint of strangeness:D  It’s not nasty don’t worry:D It’s not powerful. Just it smells with ingredients in it. But you can’t feel it on your body after so you may not worry if you decide to try it. The huge plus for those who suffer with problem skin on chest or shoulders or back from time to time – it doesn’t cause any breakouts!  I had some body lotion which caused lots of problems aroung my shoulders:/ This one seems simple, calming, moisturizing and not harming lotion.

Did you try anything from my latest favorites? What is your latest favorite product?

Have a nice day!


6 thoughts on “Latest favorites: hair, face, body.

    • First this lotion smelled strange to me, now-neutral and I even like it:D ..may be something wrong with my nose?:D Also I like price on this lotion, soooooooooooooooo cheap!
      I think I will try to make a photo of looks I do usually with Too faced palette. When I look in the mirror make-up looks pretty neutral but seen and I’m not sure whether camer can catch it. I will try, why not:)

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