Shopaholic? Think before you buy…sometimes


Sometimes we buy product because it looks pretty/cute/etc., sometimes we buy product  to bring variety in our make-up bags, BUT sometimes we can buy make-up just to buy.

10+ shade of nude pink or lipstick which you don’t need right now (Need and make-up? What am I talking about?:D ) or cheap product for joy but which you can’t afford right now anyway.

I don’t want to say with this post “Don’t buy make-up” or “Don’t buy 10+ lipsticks”. I’m not even against spontaneous buys!  I want to say that sometimes we need to think more.  You can eat less junk food (if you do) and buy make-up but never choose make-up over healthy eating.

Why am I writing this? I decided to show you what could I buy for a price of Essence longlasting lipstick!

PicMonkey Collage11
1 kg of cucumbers, 1 kg 174 gr of grapes, 310 gr of plums, 4 pieces of rye bread (I still have 0.36 euro cents to have a price of Essence lipstick).

What do you think about this post?

Have a nice day!:)


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