Popular products: To buy or to skip?


I’m sure this happened to a lot of girls, especially those who read or watch blogs:)

You see some product everywhere and everyone claims it’s sooo good or it works magically or something else like that. And you…

a) run and buy it instantly;

b)you think and then buy it;

c) you keep yourself for weeks-years and still buy it;

d) you are strong, you don’t care and you don’t buy such products ever! 🙂

6 Popular products – To buy or to skip?

popular products

popular products

1. Tangle Teezer Salon Elite

I have a post-review on this brush

Tangle Teezer LE Sugared Almonds Sweet Lilac 

To buy or to skip? Buy it! if you need a new brush/ you don’t think it’s expensive/ you love the way it looks:)

2. Maybelline Baby lips in Pink punch

I like tinted lipbalms from Nivea (aka Labello) and I didn’t want to buy Babylips. But I just couldn’t resist after some time and I decided to take a shade which seemed to me the most attractive. Pink punch- Barbie pink, cool shade which looks very nice if you apply just 1layer:). If you will try to layer this balm it will look only worse! It start to feel and look greasy and color start to be in some lines, not smooth.

Moisturizing properties: I applied this balm on a little dry lips and it emphasized everything! But after few minutes my lips became smother. I’d not take simple trasparent lip balms as I think its caring properties is just ok.

I still think that Nivea tinted lip balms are better than Baby lips. But the shade Pink Punch is very very nice.

To buy or to skip? If you search for a good lip balm  Skip it! If you like particular shade and you don’t know any other tinted lip balm like this you can buy it, but don’t wait for an amazing product.

3. Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla&Macadamia

It smells amazing! If you like vanilla candles you will like this lip butter. Minus: need to put finger or lips in a jar, probably won’t work 100% on very chapped lips. Pluses: nourishes lips. good lip butter to use before sleep.

To buy or to skip? It’s not expensive, so if you like Vanilla scent Buy it!

4. Moroccanoil Light Treatment

I wrote about this silicone-based oil in this post—>Hair care: Leave-in sprays and oils .

To buy or to skip? If you don’t care about price and your hair is  not short and fine Buy it!. If price matters or you have fine hair there are better and cheaper options.

5. EOS lip balm

Smells nice! It has sweet taste. Its moisturizing/nourishing properties are good(not best) but not long-lasting. Cute packaging!

To buy or to skip? Skip it! if you search for a lip balm for really dry or chapped lips/you find it expensive. Buy it! if you don’t need super moisturizing balm,you like the way it looks and the price is ok for you.

6. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution

Removes face and eye make-up very good and pretty fast. It works on face the same way as cheaper alternatives (Garnier, Loreal) but works better and faster on eyes!  I didn’t try to remove waterproof  mascara but 100+ layer of simple (but long-lasting) one it removes good. Plus: you can remove everything with one solution. Minus: price.

To buy or to skip? Buy it! if you search for one solution for all face/you don’t like to spend a lot of time removing make-up/ you think price is ok. Skip it! if you don’t use waterproof or 100+ layers of mascara. Cheaper versions will work the same for you.

What do you think about this products? May be you have different opinion? Do you find such posts interesting?

Have a nice day!:)


20 thoughts on “Popular products: To buy or to skip?

    • I like Eos for it’s funny form, sweet taste and pleasant feeling. But I have one lip balm which makes my lips super soft and I don’t need to reapply several times -saves my lips. All other lip balms for me ok. I know eos balms based on natural ingredients, strange that I need to use it sooo often.:/ But to be sincere if they would be 3 times cheaper I’d get few more:D
      And baby lips..so true. More like a “toy” but not very useful as lip balm, will keep it for it’s shade.

  1. Never skip EOS!! They’re just so. cute. And you can juggle with them.


    I bought them for their eggyness only, but they’re actually way more moisturising on me than Nivea ever was. Go figure.

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