OOTD. Beige & Blue

Hi! How are you?:)

It’s time for OOTD. I decided to make such posts from time to time. Do you like outfit posts?

outfit blog

What do you think abouth clothes(skirts, blouses, dresses) with peplum (now I know a right word thanks to a nice follower;))?

Have a nice day!:)


8 thoughts on “OOTD. Beige & Blue

    • Peplum!!! This is the right english word for a skirt on blouse, dress, pants or skirt. We call it basque (sounds exactly the same in my language) and I traslated and it gave me basque but when I searched (in english) for pictures I saw only lingerie and no clothes:). It just can look different, here you can tell it’s peplum+pleats:)
      Thanks!Now I know!:)

      And now I know word “pleat” also. I was saying folded material:D Sometimes my english is very strange:D Today you are my teacher!

      And thank you! I never had anything with peplum before I thought it suits very thin girls only 😀

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