Herbosophy. For colored hair


Some time ago I tried a hair care from romanian(I think so) brand Herbosophy. They have face care, body care and hair care products. I was a little afraid to try something for face so I decided to start with hair:).

You can find Herbosophy products in Romania, Sensiblu pharmacy.

Herbosophy sampon si balsam pentru par vopsit ceai verde si proteine din matase/ Herbosohy shampoo and conditioner for colored hair with green tea and silk proteins

herbosophy pentru par vopsit

Herbosophy shampoo for colored hair

+smells fresh and pleasant (like some grass);

+cleans hair very good;

+doesn’t tangle hair, doesn’t make wet nest;

+ needs to be combined with conditioner;

+keeps hair fresh for long.

Conclusion: I liked this shampoo and I bought it two times. It’s just so many options so I decided to try something new. But I can recommend this product!

Herbosophy conditioner do colored hair

– too lightweight consistency;

+smells pleasant;

+-works ok.. but not good: detangles hair pretty ok but didn’t give my hair that waterfall feeling.

Conclusion: I can’t recommend this product. May be someone liked it but for me it was not good.  I didn’t buy it anymore.

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