Tangle Teezer LE Sugared Almonds Sweet Lilac


I think everyone who reads beauty blogs or has one knows about Tangle Teezer.

tangle teezer blog

I had 10+ paddle brushes which I liked. I used several combs for wet/damp hair which were good.

I never wanted Tangle Teezer for some super-magical-properties (as some people says) but for it’s unusual nice design and cute colors. I think that Salon Elite line looks the best.  Almost all girls use hair brushes so a new brush is totally not a waste of money. (right, ladies?) 🙂

One day I saw on a local site new products from Tangle Teezer. It was the new Salon Elite Limited Edition Sugared Almonds. This LE has two brushes Sweet Lilac and Sweet Peppermint. Both are gorgeous color combinations!!! Sweet lilac is very girly, tender and cute and sweet pepermint is more happy, lovely color combination. I decided to get girly one:)

I read in some reviews that Tangle Teezer brushes make their hair more flat, smooth and  kill the volume. It’s not true. At least for me..and I have fine hair (average density..probably).

It’s a good brush, which:

+combs away hair spray (Important for me as I use hair spray all the time);

+can be used on wet hair (after mask-conditioner or non-drying shampoo) as a simple wide-tooth comb;

+ really make hair a little more smooth;

+doesn’t kill volume;

+detangles dry hair (I have not long hair so I can’t tell about hard tangles:));

+lays comfortably in my hand (my husband told it’s very uncomfortable to keep it:D);

The main + is it’s extremely pleasant to push a little harder when you brush your hair so you feel a scalp massage. Very pleasant. I can do the same with my The body shop paddle brush but with TT it feels more more pleasant! 🙂

What I want to say in conclusion? I don’t think it’s a Must-have and I won’t shout about it on street as about some miracle. But it’s a very cute good brush (I like it a lot) which not only will detangle your hair and make you massage but will also make your mood better (it’s very cute:)).

Do you own Tangle Teezer? What do you think about it?

Have a nice day!:)


3 thoughts on “Tangle Teezer LE Sugared Almonds Sweet Lilac

    • As you can see I wasn’t convinced also by all wow-wow reviews.. I just liked how it looks:D So you should go and look at it again. If you like the way it looks and you don’t own already a lot of brushes you should take it. I watched a video not long time ago that compact version is not very good in comparison with others and the girls actually didn’t like this brush until she got salon elite or original..I don’t remeber which one exactly. This also proved I’m making a right choice:)

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