Summer pedicure at home. Happy feet.


Not long time ago I was invited Julep to participate in Summer DIY Pedi competition.  I didn’t think about any feet posts before so I decided to try. 🙂


I don’t usually do all the steps I’m going to talk about but let’s see the premium-home-pedi-package:D.

I will specify which steps I find necessary and which are not.

1. Pleasure step: If you came home after a long walk and your feet are tired you  will definitely enjoy calming and refreshing bath for your feet. I’m using a small pack of Balea salt for feet (Balea Fuss Bade Kristalle).

Balea has affordable and good products for taking care of our feet.


2. Important step before getting rid of hard and dry skin on our heels is to soften skin in a warm-hot water.

3. Prepare your foot file!!! 🙂 First we use a hard side and after we polish with a softer side . The hard side of the foot file will take dry and hard skin and soft one will make your feet smooth and pleasant on touch.

4. Pleasure step: Foot scrub! I love feet massage and it’s pleasant to massage your feet using something with parcticles, which smells refreshing:) I used Balea foot scrub (Balea Fuss Peeling Lovely). In general, scrubs for our feet is pretty useless thing as it can’t take hard skin and hardly can cope with dry areas.

5. Cutting, polishing, etc. – making nails nice! Sometimes I use Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover on my feet to get more clean area around nails.


6. Nail polish! I love dark and bright nail polishes for feet. But today I decided to try something new and apply baby blue nail polish with glitter. It reminds me of the sky, sea and …ballons! 🙂  I used Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 115, Flormar 423 and a top coat from Astor Perfect Stay.

Glitter in Golden Rose Jolly Jewels reminds me of ballons! 🙂


PicMonkey Collage
My photos:)

7. We almost finished! Creams! If I’m not going anywhere after pedicure I will apply Balea Foot butter (Balea Fussbutter)  . If my feet are very tired I will use Doctor Foot calming gel. It contains horse chesnut which helps to relax your feet and take tiredness away. When I go outside and my heels look a little dry I will just apply a little butter on the dry area and I’m ready to go. I don’t apply butters and creams on my feet before going out as feet will slide in my shoes:D


Finally, Happy Feet! 🙂

happy feet

 Do you do yout pedicure at home? What is your favorite product for feet?

Have a nice day!:)


4 thoughts on “Summer pedicure at home. Happy feet.

    • Thank you! I like such colors in manicure but I never tried light color on feet:) what colors do you prefer for pedicure?

  1. So pretty! My feet are abhorrently badly-kept – I haven’t had a pedicure ever and I hate fussing over them – yet I still want to wear sandals…

    Anyway, I prefer faffing with nail polish for my nails : ))

    • I noticed:) You have very cool manicure all the time!

      I usually don’t do all this things. I change nail polish on my feet only when it is chipped:D But I try to use foot file quite often, especially in summer, as my feet start to look not so good and be not so pleasant on touch.

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