Balea Bodycreme Bezaubernde Freude – Apricot&Basil body cream

I think if you are 14-25 and you live in a country which has DM-drogerie markt you definitely like to check new Balea products:)

Ok, ok..some people don’t like:)

The newest Limited edition Body Cream with Apricot&Basil attracted my attention in a second! Previous year I had LE body cream with peach and it was  a very nice cream. This new one is even better!

balea bezaubernde freude bodycreme

What do you see first? Huge nice packaging!

500ml!!! Cute summery picture!  How can you resist?:D

+ 500 ml;

+ nice packaging;

+ good price for such amount:

+ moisturizing and nourishing (can’t tell whether it works on very dry skin as I have only slightly dry in some areas);

+ contains few good oils for skin;

+ smells very pelasant (I don’t feel exactly apricot and basil but it smells veeeeery gooood:) );

+ light texture;

+ absorbs fast and leaves skin smooth and soft.

– couldn’t find for now (may be jar packaging will be a minus for some people).

balea bezaubernde freude bodycreme

Do you like Balea body products? What is your favorite body cream (any brand)?


10 thoughts on “Balea Bodycreme Bezaubernde Freude – Apricot&Basil body cream

  1. I have a slight obsession with Body Shop body butters…I have more than I care to admit..current favourite is the summer limited edition “Raspberry”, it just smells divine! 🙂

    • Never tried the Balea ones, but I have some other Balea and Alverde products from DM and I am really liking them. Affordable and good quality.

      • Alverde has good oil for face if you like oils. I used it during autumn-winter. Dm is a store where you can find something pleasant for any amount of money:)

    • I never tried Body shop butters. I like how some of them smell but price stops me. Raspberry smells soo goood I’d eat it:D Do this butters absorb fast in skin or better to use before sleep?

      • They are pricey, I agree. The good thing is TBS frequently has sales, and I have always been able to find these butters in great discounts…otherwise, I wouldn’t be willing to pay the full price to be honest.

        I would say better use them before sleep, because they are pretty thick in consistency. You feel them on your skin for hours after application, not in a bad way though. Also, you don’t need to use a lot…so they also last a really long time. TBS also offers a lot of body lotions, which are indeed lighter and absorb faster…those are perfect for during the day.

        • Thank you/I need to try some time when they have super discounts:)). Not long time ago I bought wash cream for face with 50% discount but butters was only on 25% which still seemed expensive to me. I had very good butter from Balea which smells like lemon cupcake (I wrote about it not long time ago) which is like 4 times cheaper than full price on TBS butters. A lot of people buy their products but if they were a little cheaper brand it would be more popular. At least in my city TBS usually doesn’t have customers when I come:) And even when I pass this store I see maximum 1 person:)

          • I can imagine why…prices are pretty steep. Here they regularly have 50% off. I once bought a full size limited edition butter for €5, which for TBS standards is really cheap. Not sure they hold sales the same way in every country though.
            Btw, I think the lotions are cheaper, and with 50% off even more so…they are also worth trying, they smell just as wonderful and have a lighter texture. Perhaps you can keep an eye next time they have a nice sale and try those out. I remember the Strawberry one was very good 😉

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