Make-up products you can live without


Have you ever bought some make-up item just because youtubers/bloggers/pro use it?

Do you end up loving that product every time?products you can live without

I want to write about product which I find unnecessary having in your make-up bag. I don’t tell that they are useless..No! I tell ordinary user can happily live without them. Sometimes we buy such products because “wow, cool thing” or “wow, I saw awesome effect on the photo” and we end up using it once a month. Of course if you are crazy about make-up probably it’s not for you, but for girls who use just some basic set of make-up and want to save themselves from wasting money I think it may be interesting.

Why I find this products not “vital make-up”? Continue reading:)

Sorry if your favorite product is in collage. I randomly picked them. 

1. Clear brow gel. If you have normal eyebrows which grow nicely you don’t need clear gel. They stay good just after combing. If you have unruly eyebrows which grow in all directions they want and pretty hard..clear gel just won’t help as it can be strong but usually not so strong ( we don’t talk about some pro product as we look at make-up as an ordinary user). If you have a strong hold gel for hair you don’t need to waste your money on a clear gel for eyebrows. Hair gel is strong and works perfect. And for sure you have never seen 150-250 ml clear brow gel tube:D One important thing! If  gel is good it looks good both on hair and eyebrows. If gel flakes on hair don’t use it on your eyebrows. You may look strange in the middle of the day:) Also there are eyebrow pencils which contain wax. They do two jobs at the same time for slightly unruly eyebrows.

2. Make-up primer for face. What you really need is a good day moisturizer (cream, gel-cream, fluid,etc.). If you have right cream for your face it will work good as a base. If cream makes you oily in an hour and without it your face becomes oily in 4 hours it’s not a right cream for sure. Mattifying creams (gels) on t-zone usually works for oilier skin types very good also. Primers are perfect for special events, parties, photosessions. I don’t think it’s a necessary product in everyone’s make-up bag.

3.  Powder and Liquid highlighters.  This product is a wonderful make-up toy but not a vital item. Good for parties, events, photosessions (even if you don’t apply it photographer will edit your face like you have it anyway:D), when you want your face to look more glowy. But! If you use dewy foundation you will get the effect of highlighted cheekbones, for example, anyway. All part of your face which are higher will reflect more light. Also if your face becomes a liiiitttllleeee oily during the day and looks like dewy it gives the same effect. Like you have highlighted areas. I’m not talking about undereye area obviously:)). Other reason why it’s not vital product is the fact that you can use satin light pink or beige eyeshadows as a highlighter. There are also satin blushes which give a satin glow and highlight cheekbones without using any additional product.

4. Bronzer/Bronzing powder. First of all or you use bronzing powder right or you don’t use it at all. It’s a products for summer glow, for light or deep tan. If you are pale as a white wall forget about it. It’s no a good look. Of course you can not listen to me:D Why not vital? 1)Can’t use all year long if you have very light skin and get tan only in summer; 2) If you tan on sun your face naturally gets the right effect. It looks beautiful without enhancing. 3) It’s a make-up toy.

5. Contouring powder. Totally not vital. I think people should be a little different. There are so many bloggers contour their faces to one standard magazine face. In general, I don’t mind if it’s done good. But! If you have oval face you just don’t need that at all. I saw 100+ girls contoring perfect face, perfect nose. Why??  In such case or any other you can contour for dramatic look for parties or photosession. In everyday life you can 100% live without it. I’ts pretty hard to countour your face so it looks 100% natural in daylight in reality. You should draw very light shadows on your face. VERY! If you ever made pictures of your make-up you probably noticed that on photo everything looks a little different. Contouring on video may seem cool  to you but in everyday life on street it will be exremely seen and it won’t look good. If you still want to contour but don’t want to spend on a wow-wow contouring powder you can find the right shade among matte eyeshadows.

What is your opinion about this products? Which products are must-have and which are just for fun?


3 thoughts on “Make-up products you can live without

  1. Very nice! I agree with all 🙂 There is one product that I find really, really unnecessary, I saw it recently on youtube…undereye eyeshadow protectors, huh?! I mean…just do you your eye makeup first, clean the fall out, and then apply face makeup. Problem solved! Why waste money on undereye blabla?!

    • Aaaa! True! I saw such device on e.l.f. site and I agree with you. And I’m so lazy sometimes that I actually don’t care too much about my eyeshadows fall a little. Of course if it’s dark shade I care. But if it’s just few golden smimmer particles..let them be there:D

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