Hair care: Leave-in sprays and oils


Today’s topic is hair leave-in treatments.

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1.  Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner for normal to dry hair – sooo long name:D It’s a good leave-in spray which makes hair softer, moisturized, detangles hair and doesn’t overweigh them (if you don’t spray 15+ times). Yes, you can overspray but it’s lighter that Gliss 7 oils spray, for example. If you have fine dry hair or hair which tangles easily,  medium length (longer than chin line, shoulder length and longer than shoulder on a palm of a hand) or long you can try this spray.  You should apply it on damp hair.

2. Loreal Professional Mythic Oil Nourishing oil for all hair types – silicone-based oil which you apply on the ends of your hair or ends and length, not touching  root area. It can be applied on damp hair or on dry hair as finishing step to smooth all flyaways. It makes hair smooth, protects if you use styling tools, seals split ends (not forever, of course) and adds a lot of shine. It doesn’t smell anyhow special for me, pretty neutral. But some people feel particular scent. It feels light on hair, doesn’t overweigh them.

Update: I used it for long time and I don’t like it anymore:/

3. Moroccanoil Treatment Light for fine or light-colored hair  – also silicone-based oil. You apply it the same as previous oil, it works pretty the same also. First difference is smell! Moroccanoil smells very pleasant and warm. Second difference – density of oil. Moroccanoil is more dense and it’s heavier than Loreal Professional Mythic Oil. I need half of the amount of Mythic oil I use for one time. It’s a light version but it still can overweigh hair pretty easily. If you are not a fan of volume it’s ok but for me it’s a problem. I apply very little and I’m satisfied with a result.

4. Brelil Biotraitement Cristalli Liquidi Easy Shine – wonderful spray for super-shiny hair. I already mentioned it in my other hair care post, so you can read about it here -> Current favorites. Hair: leave-in treatments, mask . Also I mentioned Schwarzkopf Bonacure spray there also. May be I wrote something different:D You can check.

Do you use leave-in sprays, oils or silicone-based oils?

Have a nice day! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hair care: Leave-in sprays and oils

  1. I normally use leave-in silicone sprays. I recently got a bottle of argan oil (just pure oil, nothing else in) and I tried using it together with my conditioner in the shower. Just applied it and left for 8-10 min, then rinsed it off. My hair is ridiculously dry but after that shower if felt a little softer. Have to try it again. I’ve read people use argan oil as an overnight hair mask, but I am a bit hesitant to try…Still haven’t found my holy grail hair product. Opened to suggestions 🙂

    • I know people make such overnight masks with coconut oil also. But I can’t imagine going to sleep with my head in some bag and towel (or how to secure this construction on my head?:)) ). And I feel strange to come like that to husband:D I tried coconut oil on my hair but didn’t notice anything. I tried when I was blonde and I think it doesn’t help much bleached hair. I didn’t try argan oil! Thank you! I will try with conditioner like you do when I have a little longer hair. For now I feel it can make them without volume. I think I didn’t find my HG products also but I like products I use now. May be after I will try something new.And I like to read what other people use on their hair.:)) I will write soon a post about shampoo+conditioner I’m using now, may be will be interesting:)

      • Yes, I find the idea of going to bed with the oil in my hair strange too…how should I protect the linen from it?!?

        Well, the argan oil seems to help a bit…especially because I straighten my hair, so that makes it extra dry. But still looking for THE GREAT product that will make my hair soft and shiny.

        I will read your post with interest! 🙂

  2. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner for normal to dry hair looks good. 😀

    I brought some pure argan oil from my trip to morocco last month. Iv just used it a few times it does leave my hair softer. However it doesn’t leave my hair extremely softer. Mayb needs a few more treatments. I often leave it on a Sunday when I’m at home and leave it on for about six hours, tie my hair in a bun and then wash it off.

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